Natural ways to defeat hayfever – how about kissing (and other options)

Only in Japan would researchers ask couples to kiss for 30 minutes to find a cure for hayfever.

Hayfever season... kiss me quick!
Hayfever season... kiss me quick!

But apparently scientists from the Satou hospital discovered that a good ol’ smooch will lower your histamine level which means you sneeze less.

But for those of us who haven’t got the time or perhaps a willing partner for so much loving, there are other natural alternatives to anti-histamine drugs which dry you up and leave you drowsy.

I have to say that the most encouraging natural solution I’ve seen out there is HayMax – a pollen blocking cream which you can rub just under nose. Many people testify to it’s fantastic results.

But I also have a friend whose husband used a homeopathic tincture – his hayfever was very bad – New Era H For Hayfever and Allergic Rhinitis might work well for you.

To really beat the hayfever blues the natural way you have to look at your diet and overall fitness. Eating the right foods really will build up your defences. For example garlic and horseradish are both good for sinus problems, garlic in particular is extremely anti-inflammatory and great for your immune system.

Fortunately, natural healers like garlic and echinacea are used in Potter’s Allerclear range, so immediate relief is available. It may pay to invest in their nasal spray, eye-drops and tablets.

Long term

For longer term solutions start early in the year before the pollen season hits.

Maximise your Vitamin C levels. This not only supports the immune system, but assists the body’s defences against too much histamine. It can also help reduce the release of histamine.

Eat vegetables rich in colour – the bioflavanoids will boost the Vitamin C effect and repress histamine even more. Quercetin particularly is a natural antihistamine and can be found in red and yellow onions, shallots, squash, courgettes, and broccoli. However, to get your entire quota you’d need to take quercetin in tablet form.

If you already have lots of antioxidant and omega 3 foods in your cupboard, you are doing well. Food with these properties have been found to defend against inflammation.

Also stock up on your nettle tea as your common stinging nettle also has immune-boosting properties and anti-inflammatory agents. A daily teaspoon of local honey in your tea is beneficial.

Final tip

A little tip I’ve picked up is to simply cover your bedding with a blanket during the day. This will ensure your pillow won’t be covered with pollen and give you a much easier night’s sleep.

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