Win a Baby and Toddler’s Cookbook

The food you serve your little one every day will effect their development.

A BBC programme earlier this year investigated the standard of food served to children in nurseries and bought pre-packed in supermarkets (see blog).

Children aged 0-5 need different nutritional meals to adults; but unfortunately current nutritional advice is the same for whatever age you are.

There is a campaign to change this, but you may want to get ahead of the pack.

Win a Baby's Cookbook
More than 100 easy recipes in this book

Win a Cookbook for Babies & Toddlers

Renée Elliott, mother of three and founder of London’s Planet Organic stores, has written a book,  The Best Recipes for Babies & Toddlers.

It’s designed to guide every parent through how to provide the best nutritional start for their baby. It’s a wonderful read filled with recipes, tips and sensible advice for feeding children of the relevant age.

The Best Recipes starts with a good introduction explaining why it’s best to cook organic, what cooking utensils to use, useful cooking techniques etc. And there are lots ideas on what to do with wholegrains such as quinoa, beans and millet which are so nutritious.

You can enter the competition to win this book just by sending me an email with your address – competition ends 3 May 2010.

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