Ella’s Kitchen – Organic food for kids

Ella’s chefs have done it again. Ella’s Kitchen have created some of the healthiest kid’s food around – and the coolest.

Ella's Kitchen organic food for kid's
Ella's Kitchen organic food for kid's

I’ve been looking forward to their organic Pack O Snacks for a while and now they’re here: all the goodness of snacky fruit with totally natural ingredients for the little ones to enjoy; enticingly named The Chompy One, The Chewy One and The Crumbly One. There’s no added sugar, no extra salt and no e numbers.

Ella’s dad, Paul Lindley, says he promised to make the wholesomest food for his children to eat. He makes sure that everything in the food, its taste, colour and texture, will appeal to his children’s senses.

But there’s more, because Ella’s now got Bakey Bakies Oat-Bakes, new Baby Cookies and Stack O Sticks Breadsticks too – all made from good organic natural ingredients, with nothing else added.

Lick your lips at the thought of apple, raisin and cinnamon or cream cheese and spinach oat-cakes, say yummmm to apple and ginger or milk and vanilla cookies, or just enjoy a munch of the orange and pear or wholegrain breadsticks.

Watch this space for even more fab food from the coolest kid’s kitchen around…

One thought on “Ella’s Kitchen – Organic food for kids

  1. “good organic natural ingredients” Children can be difficult to feed and feeding them healthy food is even tougher. With Ella’s Kitchen there is hope of getting these healthy meals down into their bodies.

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