Water – how pure do you want to be?

Filtered water
Filtered water

If you’re one of those people who manages to drink 2 litres of water a day then I’m jealous.

My attempt to keep a bottle of water at my desk always fails a few days into the mission. Guilt feelings about how bad my liver’s going to be in old age don’t have much impact either. Buying bottled water would probably help but let’s face it, it’s bad for the environment and my friends just laugh at the poncyness of it all (yes, I’m male), plus they’ve got a point, tap water’s cheaper and may well be just as clean.

The one thing which does work is keeping a jug of tap water in the fridge. I like that cool clean feel to the water – it makes me feel (almost) pure.

However, if you live in an area where the water is hard (ie. very mineral tasting and it furs up your kettle) then you may not like the taste.

Devotees of tea and coffee will promise that purer water produces a higher quality beverage and I’ve heard that steaming food with pure water increases the nutritional value of the food further.

So it’s worth investing in a water filter if you are interested in enjoying a clean natural taste. I’ve been looking at some Brita water jugs which reduce limescale and chlorine and removes lead and copper from the water.

I won’t scare you with a list of the chemicals which you can find in tap water. The amount is too small to have any impact on your health, though scientists still query the long term effect on your body. In fact UK tap water is said to be among the cleanest in the world. But, if you’re pregnant or elderly, there are some reports about the possible detriment of drinking water straight from the tap, research has linked tap water to birth defects and alzheimers.

NB. Always make sure you have enough minerals in your diet (the main source is from food), they help decrease the chance of heart disease when you’re older – but don’t worry about me. I’m going to have enough trouble looking after my liver.

2 thoughts on “Water – how pure do you want to be?

  1. Britas parent company are responsible for animal tests/abuse.

    Not really the type of thing most goodness direct customers would want to buy (the ones who know, and those that don’t should be told).

    Not really something that you would think GD would want to sell – are you trying to alienate your vegan/vege/animal rights aware customers?

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