100% organic cotton is the most delicate feminine hygiene

If you get irritated with your brand of sanitary protection you are not alone. Hundreds of women react with irritation and inflammation when using chemically bleached or synthetic sanitary products. The problem has been so acute that now gynaecologists in Italy actually prescribe cotton sanitary ware for any women who experience an irritation or inflammation caused by their towels or tampons.

You know the problem, sore and itchy, hot and inflamed. This is easily solved by selecting 100% cotton products. In fact these symptoms can be eradicated in 90% of cases by switching to a cotton product. Organyc Care, with this in mind, have launched a comprehensive range of feminine hygiene products. They are made with the gentlest 100% organic cotton, they are biodegradable and compostable, hypo-allergenic and lovely to use. Neither have they been tested on animals! The range includes towels, panty liners and tampons of all strengths and sizes.

See the Organyc Care sanitary range at GoodnessDirect

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