Customer comments and feedback

Thanks for all the compliments we get about our products and our service, we are overwhelmed!

I always get a good service. You save me a heck of a lot of driving. My nearest supermarket is 25 miles away, so you are a godsend. J Holden

GoodnessDirect, I am soooo pleased I have found a company that can supply loads of different vegan stuff for my very strict daughter. Her sister and I are trying very hard to be vegan and the food we can buy with your company has made it very easy. LOVE IT!!  J Marshall.

My order got here safe and well ………..   ah the joys of GoodnessDirect. Fresh food and reliable.

I was going to drop you an email anyway to say a big thank you as always  for such great service.  It's good every time but I'm always staggered by how good. 

The organic veg box was really amazing I'm spoilt for choice. I had  fresh roasted aubergine with melted vegan cheese and cracked black pepper for dinner.  I love being vegan, its one of the best choices I ever made but as i was unpacking my stuff today i pondered on how much harder it would be to be a vegan if you folks weren't there with your super speedy goodies. 

as always a big hand a huge thank you for the really great service you provide. If I can ever track down an industry award for best  provider of   mail order vegan food id be really happy to nominate you . 

thanks again.  Elle

From the outset, I  felt that I was dealing with real people, who think the way I do
about food and our place in the wider scheme of things. This was borne out by the level of
service and the personal response to my getting in touch later. M Barbour

Really pleased to find a company who have got it right, start to finish!  Well done! S Stamford.

I love your website and newsletters, and think that you stock a fabulous range. It was a godsend to me when I broke my ankle and could not get out. The wheatgrass kits are amazing. They just keep on going way beyond first cutting, and I will never be without them now. M Gudmundsson

A *more* than perfect shopping experience – as always! Thanks!!!  S Bright

Excellent as always. Brilliant customer service., super quick delivery plus superb products equals an unbeatable company to deal with 🙂 N Quinn

Our first experience of shopping with you was a joy – the site was easy to use and delivery was super-fast . We will definitely be shopping with you again. Best wishes Jenny and Kevin.

I think this is a great site.  It has just the products I want and at the quality I want.  Seervice is second to none.  Well done and keep up the excellent work.  Oh and thank you very much  –  Viccy Hall

Excellent – the only online delivery service I have found that gives me stuff I would choose
for myself rather than tired fruit. J Simpson

Great web site. Recommended by my nutritionist. L Lazaro-Keen.

Order was received in excellent condition , and arrived within forty eight hours, which is excellent for orders to the channel islands.
I can always rely on excellent service from Goodness Direct. Many thanks. F Ferguson

The service you provide is absolutely fantastic – to offer selection of delivery day is particularly brilliant. J Braithwaite

I didn’t have fresh product, but my merchandise arrived in very good condition and well packaged.  Your site was very user friendly.  I found exactly what I wanted at a very good price.  I will visit site again soon for further offers.  L Clark

You’re one of only a handful of places I can get barley flour! K Humphries

I was extremely pleased with the speed with which my order was processed and arrived. The website was really friendly and easy to use – not at all frustrating! Thank you. J Barber
You seem to need to know the brand names to find some things on your site. Better cross referencing might be helpful? Great service though, and fabulous choice! thanks! L Husband

Dark chocolate covered raisins in smaller quantities, please!
You guys are still the best!  A Vine

First order, as we can no longer fine items in local health shops. Excellent service, will definitely shop again. B Roberts

I used to buy Blue Dragon silken tofu in my local Asda, but it was discontinued about a year ago. I tried to find another supplier at the time but couldn’t. On this occasion, I found a few websites that supplied it but I felt yours was the best. I have been extremely impressed with the whole ordering experience – you seem to have everything covered and I will definitely continue to buy this product from you. The only negative I can find is that you don’t have an excellent option on your feedback form! S Common

Found your service excellent and really helpful for someone needing to change their eating pattern seriously. S Gardiner

Very impressed with the speedy delivery. Also, the order was well packed and the food first class. 10 out of 10 on all counts. R Webster.

Items that fall into more than one category sometimes take time to find, eg potato starch flour. Also, the gluten-free section included lots of items possibly with gluten traces, so I had to check the details of every one. It would be helpful if categorisation was clearer and more watertight. J Hickman

Excellent service. Many organisations heavily underestimate the importance of postage and packing free. It so obviously defines whether you place a small order or not. Our family have always been of the opinion that say 5% added to the cost of all goods but never charging p and p would invite many more small /medium orders. D Harris

My order arrived the day after it was placed – a really excellent and efficient service. The goods were very well packed. Thank you, Thelma

My wife is a coeliac. Your service was superb. Could not be better. We’ll be back!. Thanks. M Rainey

A most satisfactory order outcome, my continued custom is guaranteed, many thanks. S Scott.

I didn’t buy these things for me, but for my mum, who’s a vegan. so as these sites are not my natural habitat it’s really helpful to find a site like yours, which is clear, easy to use and hassle-free. Thanks very much. A Schenkl

Your service was better than some of the bigger well-known websites – thank you very much for goods delivered on time and in good condition! R Martin.

One of the easiest eco-shopping sites I’ve used – very good. A Outram
Dear Sir/Madam,
This is just a note to say thank you so much, my order arrived safely today. The speed and efficiency of the service you provide is exemplary. Considering the seasonal goods I ordered, and how close to the required date we are now, every effort has been made to get my order to me before Easter. The is my first dealing with you and because of this occasion I will be a returning customer from now on. You should be very proud of yourselves. You have an excellent company and brilliant staff.
Yours Faithfully C Aldridge

I’m really happy with the service and products, would definitely recommend to others and will be using you again. Thanx. Y Fayyaz

Dear Goodness Direct,

Just received my delivery-its’ the first time I have ordered vegetables from you. I wanted to say Thank You- it felt as if everything in the boxes had been packed with tender loving care-the veg smell delicious-and I had some truly yummy bread (wheat free had to be put on hold it looked so tempting) as a thank you from you. I have previously had a veggie box from Riverford-but I will be changing that to a regular order with you. I follow a macrobiotic eating plan but there is nowhere that stocks macro stuff near to me so a joy to be able to get just about everything I need from the same place. If you had stocked Mooli my day would have been even more perfect.

With brightest blessings to all of you. K Scott

When you offer the best service the only way is down. Please don’t go down. E Edgson

I love you Goodness Direct!!

I’m often overseas working and have 2 small kids, but I know whenever I get home I can trust you to deliver my health stuff ASAP. Just received my parcel..perfect.

J Watson-Yarngo

Another great shopping experience!!!!Just wish I’d ordered more!!!!
K Roberts

You have best selection of health foods that i have found.
C Neave

Excellent site & excellent service. Many thanks
M Drasdo

Many thanks for the excellent service we received,the items were very well packed and delivered on time.I shall not only use your company again but recommend to friends.
Again many thanks. J Durham

Still the best on-line shopping site. Keep up the good work. S Dunlop

Overall this is a awesome site with awesome service – perhaps one thing i think might benefit the site is if the products had more visual sub-categories – If possible more vegan products : ) I say this on behalf of all my vegan friends as well as it is frustrating when trying to live a compassionate life is made difficult as a result of “lack of products” – Many Thanks again for making life a little easier : ) R Rayner

Overall very impressed and pleased with great service and products from an ethically aware co-operative, keep up the good work folks, as you’re a beacon of hope to health conscious consumers! A Smith

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