Trans fats – ban them.

Trans fats are the fats formed from partially hydrogenated oils are damaging to our health, they are present whenever you see those daunting words “hydrogenated fat” on the label. Damaging to our health? Yes they have been strongly linked to strokes, cardio health issues and high cholesterol, and some fear that they may promote infertility. From a food manufacturers point of view they are a cheap food, and although they have no nutritional benefits they do add bulk and texture and may make the product last a little longer.

However enough is enough according to some of our leading doctors who are demanding a ban on hydrogenated fats which are added to 1000s of processed foods including  biscuits, cakes, ready-meals & margarine. The UK Faculty of Public Health is urging government ministers to eradicate these man made transfats from the UK diet. The plea for such a radical move is also supported by Royal Society for Public Health. The Faculty of Public Health represents 3,300 NHS doctors and health specialists plus local government.

‘Chemically-altered oils are used to bulk up foods and extend shelf-life. They have no nutritional value,  raise cholesterol and the likelihood of  heart attacks and strokes. The Royal College of GPs said ‘The evidence is indisputable…’
Hydrogenated fats are made by treating vegetable oils with hydrogen which turns oil into a hard artery-blocking fat.


3 thoughts on “Trans fats – ban them.

  1. I think they should be banned, doctors are right. It is bad for you, although people are aware of the good and bad foods for them if they were more aware of trans fat and the levels they may make more of a concious effort to avoid them in their diet and avoid the risk to their health

  2. Trans fats have been directly connected to atheroma formation (fatty plaques). The problem is that people often lump all fats togather. Knowing which fats are good for and which ones are bad is crucial. I have an article on this very topic. Please feel free to have a look

  3. Trans fat are known to be linked to certain illnesses but I think its mostly the people’s choice of food that makes trans fat such a deadly enemy. If they live more healthier then I think the production of trans fat will decrease.

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