Raw Vegan Chocolate Fudge Balls

Squashing together delicious ingredients and forming them into balls or bars becomes the norm for those wanting to keep it RAW. These basic chocolate fudge balls are no exception. The name is a little deceiving really as personally I don’t like conventional fudge, and so could be easily put off. These balls are just dates, cashews and cocoa with a few optional extras to throw in or roll in as the fancy takes you.


40g raw cashews

6 dates (pitted)

1 Dessert spoon cocoa

It is so simple – First grind the cashews in a blender, the finer the better as they give a smoother texture.

Then add the dates to the blender and blend again.

Add the cocoa powder.  The mix will take a bit more than the dessertspoon so you can go up to a tablespoon to suit your taste.

Reblend until the whole mix is a solid lump.  Stop blending here, remove and chill a little so it is not too gloopy to handle.

Form into balls.  You can roll the balls in anything you fancy to make them less sticky.  My favourite is raw cacao nibs, but others include more ground cashews, ground hazels or almonds, cocoa, coconut or icing sugar.

It is also simple to add any flavourings, a little mint or vanilla or orange oil for example.  Using biscuit cutters to get star shapes gives a little variety too.



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