Can pomegranate juice help to fend off the flu?

pomegranate-130Pomegranate juice has been hailed to help heart disease and strokes as it has excellent antioxidant properties (around three times more antioxidants gram per gram than does red wine or green tea) and it tastes great. But now Pomegranate juice is being tested in new clinical trials to see it’s effect on flu. In the shadow of fear of an impending swine flu epidemic no trials could be more pertinent.

In the trials patients are being given two glasses of juice every day for four or five days. The scientists are hopeful for a positive result as in previous laboratory tests revealed that compounds in the pomegranates effectively stopped the flu virus from replicating and spreading.

The tests are taking place at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Centre in Israel. The conclusions should tell us if the benefits so far discovered will be effective in humans and usable against the flu virus.

As well as heart disease, pomegranate juice is thought to help combat oxidative stress which happens as a result of chemical reactions in our bodies, oxidation. As already mentioned Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant and can be a key factor in combating oxidation and it’s resultant damage to our system.

Pomegranate juice is available as a juice to drink or as a concentrate to take as a food supplement.

Over the years there has been much fuss about pomegranate juice, and with good reason as, for starters pomegranate juice is packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, E and folic acid.  I have already mentioned about its considered benefits to those with heart weaknesses and the juice has been to also work well as a blood thinner and research has been carried out to see if it aids flow of blood to the heart.  Some results show that it actually reduces the plaque in the arteries and raises our ‘good’ cholesterol while reducing the levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol. All things in moderation though hey? Pomegranate is definitely worth including in anyone’s health regime but of course it is only part of the picture of healthy diet and exercise.

Pomegranate juice, a healthy and delicious drink and a fun fruit  – how do you eat yours?


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