The Chocolate Lady’s creations

We’ve got a new product on our shelves. It’s a chocolate made without any dairy ingredients and it looks (and tastes) wonderful.

The story goes that Emma Clacher became known as “the chocolate lady” when she started sharing home-made chocolates with her friends. The gift soon turned into an all hours obsession, but with one big drawback, Emma had an allergy to dairy products. When it comes to chocolate that can be a big obstacle but determined experimentation led to inspired creation and the result was a dairy-free truffle which customers couldn’t get enough of; and they were understandably popular with vegans too. That was the beginning of Emma’s Chocolate Heart company.

Now Emma’s range extends to fruit flavoured truffles and chocolates, with  rose, mint and sea salt varieties as well. But there’s not a shred of dairy produce in there. Instead Peruvian dark chocolate is mixed with natural lime, orange and peppermint oils, Himalayan salt, or freeze dried raspberries. There’s no added sugar either, just quality natural ingredients – ­ it’s easy to see why Emma’s culinary handiwork became popular.

So if you’ve got a ‘chocolate heart’ give it a try and start nibbling to your hearts content.


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