Tasty biscuits with virtually no calories – not impossible

I’ve been on a diet these last few months. It’s going fairly well, I’ve lost a stone and a half. But I can say with full conviction that the worst experience in dieting is feeling hungry with a taste for something savoury but opening the cupboard to shelves of rice-cakes.

I’ve munched my way through packs of rice cakes in my time and it’s only raging hunger that means I can enjoy them. Wouldn’t anyone rather be eating anything else?

Well, I haven’t got the perfect solution but I think I’ve found something close, and it fits into my new found fascination with raw food.

Biscru are best described as savoury crackers with about only 5 calories per wafer but they are not cooked at all. They’re made out of fresh fruit or vegetables with herbs, spices, grains and seeds and dehydrated so that none of the nutrition is lost, but, most importantly, they taste amazing.

Too amazing in fact. So far I’ve tried the olive and onion and tomato and paprika, and both are good. But the real trouble is they are so more-ish and so endanger my diet in an entirely different way.

The other thing to say is that they are not made with wheat, dairy products or sugar so they’re useful to people on special diets. They’re also organic. The one claim I find difficult to understand about them is how they can contribute to a person’s five-a-day intake. It seems to me like you’d have to eat a lot to make that work, so it’s probably best not to give up on other fruit. though apparently they do provide a good balance of protein, omega oils and slow release carbs too.


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