Joint pain – 80% is from straight forward wear and tear

I have had recent trouble with my knee. Compounded I think, by trying to up the distance I can run without dying – I can only manage a mile (don’t laugh!). With my increased determination to break my 10 minute mile  my knee became more ‘squeaky’ and eventually painful. So, to the research books!

Certain parts of our bodies wear out before others, and one of the most common parts of our bodies for wear and tear is our joint linings. Normally the linings replace themselves, but excess wear and tear  means that our bodies  cannot keep up the replenishment process fast enough.

My research took me to a joint nutrient, Glucosamine. Glucosamine is made in our bodies from our nutrient intake, the glucosamine is then itself made into glycosaminoglycans. These then bond together with proteins to make collagen and you guessed it, the collagen makes the joint lining. So by taking additional  glucosamine as a supplement we give our body the extra materials it needs to lay the foundations for healthy and strong joint tissue. As we age our body is not able to make as much as they once did, so we can give it a little help by taking more.

This type of wear and tear problem is at the root of 80% of joint problems, so as a prevention or a cure, Glucosamine seems worth a try.

For my knee I tried the Optima ActivJuice, Juice for joints.  By the end of my first bottle my pain has totally disappeared. I have continued to take it and am part way through my second bottle for good measure. It makes a really refreshing orange drink too.


6 thoughts on “Joint pain – 80% is from straight forward wear and tear

  1. I started suffering with my knees a few years ago, and a combination of some great exercises taught to me by a physiotherapist (which I continue to practise), and glucosamine gel applied daily have helped to just about eliminate the problems.

    The exercises work on building up the muscles in the legs and around the knees to better support the knee and are easy to do around the house at any time. However, when I went to the doctor and told her that glucosamine was also helping greatly, she just laughed and said if I wanted to waste my money that was my business. Such a shame the medical profession still has these very blinkered views!! Good luck with it Lesley – your knees will thank you for it. x

  2. Thanks for the post!The post is very much informative.Flex Protex is a good way to relieve joint pain. Arthritic patients feel a lot of pain in the joints which can be alleviated by taking Flex Protex . Being made of glucosomine, the main component responsible for relieving joint pain, this product is here to stay.

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