What do you do for more energy?

I used to have a friend who was addicted to Red Bull. He was a lovely, funny guy but he used to drink several cans a day! I think he got off on the buzz. Now, you might say I’m overly cautious, but I don’t think that’s a good way to live. Personally I avoid energy drinks because I don’t like the idea of filling my body with lots of harsh chemicals.

So what am I supposed to think when I come across a drink which claims to boost your energy and be made from natural ingredients?

Here are the ingredients, you can see for yourself:Need energy?

Sparkling spring water, natural fruit sweetener, lemon juice partially from concentrate, yerba mate leaf extract, natural flavours, VITABT™ L-carnitine, barley malt extract, guarana extract, natural caffiene, vitamin c, vitamin B3 niacin, vitamin B5, vitamin B1, vitamin B9 folic acid, vitamin B12, ginger natural extract, lemon grass raw extract.

It’s a drink called Attitude. And it says it’s suitable for people with diabetes and for vegans. But, while the advertising says it’s made from organic ingredients, it doesn’t go so far to claim it’s 100% organic.

There are other more traditional, helpful ways to increase energy, like getting more sleep. My dad used to tell me to make sure I got enough exercise and fresh air as that would help me sleep and I have to say he was right. But I’m still working on other things that are supposed to help, like drinking lots of water and eating the right healthy foods – I’m not very good at that, bananas before I go to bed are definitely a bad idea.

Surely though, exercise, rest, a good diet, all of these things taken together should be enough to give a person the energy they need? No one should have to consume stimulants daily? Once in a while maybe but not daily? And if you do, isn’t it wiser to think about changing your lifestyle?

However, perhaps you know that energy drinks work for you (and, if you’re not scared of high levels of caffeine), then maybe Attitude could be your drink of choice – all those added vitamins certainly sound useful.

I’ve just remembered. There is something I use as a stimulant occasionally when I feel groggy (nope, not coffee, that never worked for me). I drink green tea, it always refreshes me and after about half an hour I can easily notice the difference.

But I guess I’ll throw this one open… What do you do to get the energy you need? Do you nibble on cacao beans? Drink acai berry juice? Or just walk around with bottled water? Or is Attitude just the drink you’ve been looking for?


2 thoughts on “What do you do for more energy?

  1. Your energy levels are directly relate to the state of your liver. Your liver is your bodies battery & will make you tired if it’s full of toxins. Alcohol is a clear example. detox & you will have all the energy you need.

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