Kamut wheat

Kamut is the brand name of the ancient wheat grain khorasan, useful to some people with wheat sensitivity; ancient legend says that it is the grain Noah took with him onto the ark. The health properties of the wheat are possibly down to the fact that Kamut is organically grown and has never been genetically modified or hybridised. However, Kamut does contain gluten, so it’s not suitable for coeliacs.

The flavour is naturally sweet and nutty with a smooth buttery taste. It is used as an alternative to durum wheat in Lima’s Pastas, and in Nature’s Path Cereals (Optimum Power and Organic Heritage Flakes). Dove’s Farm now stock Kamut flour as well.

The grain has more protein than modern wheat and many more minerals too, including selenium, zinc, and magnesium. Selenium is recognised particularly for it high antioxidant properties. A high proportion of lipids means that the wheat delivers more energy to the body than common wheatgrains and it also has more vitamin E.

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