Top 10 uses of the polystyrene temperature controlled boxes

As a general rule GoodnessDirect no longer use polystyrene boxes to transport our chilled and frozen foods around.  They have been abandoned in favour of biodegradeable cardboard that is specially treated to make them thermally suitable.  However, on the really really really hot summer days (and you know just how many of those we get) we do use the polystyrene options.  Aundrea, one of our customers actually really appreciates the boxes and has written to me with her Top 10 uses.

Top 10 uses for polystyrene boxes:

  1. Bringing on seeds  –  put seedlings in a pot inside and put a sheet of glass on top – ready made glass house that never looses its stable temperature.
  2. I bring my chilled and frozen food back from the supermarket in them to keep it cold.
  3. A hot box,  fill the box with straw and put a part cooked meal in put the top on and the meal carries on cooking,  saves fuel , totally eco meal.
  4. I’ve even put poorly animals in them , without the lid of course as it helps to maintain their body temperature.
  5. Use them as planters in the garden.
  6. Nest boxes for hens.   If laid side on they are just the right size for hens to lay in ( the box side on , not the hen)!
  7. Storing kids building bricks without all the clattering noise of getting them out of  a plastic box.
  8. Packing boxes for  small special valuables when you move house.
  9. I store cat biscuits in them  – they stop the smell getting out.
  10. Keeping food the right temperature on picnics – both cold or hot.
  11. Taking hot meals to my mum. They are still hot when I get there.
  12. Kids used nappies on a journey – they are smell proof as well as heat proof.
  13. Punch a hole in the bottom of the box low down,  bung it with a wine cork and fold  a piece of chicken wire in the bottom.  It makes an excellent wormery and tight enough to keep the worm tea* in.
  14. A window box that keeps plants warm through winter so you can have vegetables all year.
  15. Bring on leeks  and carrots.  If they are planted in the box it makes them straight and tall looking for the sunlight.
  16. A good selection of mixed herbs will fit in one box.  Grow on a  kitchen window, you need never miss out on fresh herbs.
  17. The boxes can be decorated with acrylic paint or anything else really  for all the above uses to match your decor / needs and look great.
  18. Grow mushrooms in them

* Worm tea is the liquid form of worm casting.  Earthworms produce castings, worm tea is produced as water runs off or drips through the castings in the worm beds and absorbs the nutrients from the castings which in nitrogen, phosphate, calcium, magnesium an potash.   Worm tea is a great organic plant foods as well as being a repellent for aphids, spider mites, scale and white flies.  In fact worm tea is so popular you can buy it ready made.

Ok thats 18 and not 10,   but I couldn’t choose between them.   My friends beg them from me, they are specially popular as hot boxes .   So
I will always be really really happy to get my order  in these boxes as its a bit like the ‘a dog is for life not just for Christmas’ slogan – ‘a cold box is for years not just one delivery’.     If other  people moan,  save the boxes for me I am endlessly happy to get them.

Thanks Aundrea, there are some great suggestions here.  I’m especially keen on the worm tea idea, it’s brilliant.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 uses of the polystyrene temperature controlled boxes

  1. Some great ideas, especially the ones about growing seedlings and mushrooms. Thanks, I’m going to try these out.

  2. My cat adopted mine and now uses it as her bedroom in winter and sits on top of it to look out of the window in summer, they are also excellent for transporting pond or tropical fish to keep the water cool or warm as required. Of course , I have to pinch it when the cat isn’t looking if I need to “borrow” it. (and be prepared for the dirty looks when I try to sneak it back again !) 🙂

  3. fantastic what a lot of uses I knew of and have used some of them like a cool box or hot box but now I’ll try the hot house idea for the garden – thanks

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