Mud, mud, magical mud

There are few things more wonderful than getting gloriously messy. So what better idea than to turn your hometown into a mud festival for a week?

It has to be one of the craziest events on earth, but right now, between 12-20 July, over a million people are flocking from across the globe to Boryeong, Korea, to wash themselves in pure, slovenly, rejuvenating mud. The festivities have been taking place annually for the last twelve years and have proved to be a massive boon to Korea’s tourist industry.

Cleansing mud!

What makes this so different to a trip to Glastonbury? The mud is supposed to be of a superior quality and rich in germanium, bentonite and other minerals (bentonite is said to be highly effective in reducing wrinkles but I can’t identify a good use for germanium). However mud has long been used for its healing and restorative properties; for example, visitors have been appreciating the health and cosmetic benefits of mud found at Dead Sea baths for centuries.

But I’m guessing you don’t need me to tell you about the therapeutic blessings of the mucky stuff. If you’ve ever tried a mud-pack you’ll know all about it. And, if you’ve taken a look at the Boryeong or Dead Sea websites, you will be hankering to travel there straight away. But, for something a little more immediate, you could try Dead Sea Spa Magik treat which consists of shampoo, shower gel, conditioner and lotion or enjoy one of their more modest mud masks or soaps. The Spa Magik guys actually do a huge range of products aimed at delivering health benefits to your skin so it’s worth looking them up to see if there’s anything you like. That way you can enjoy your own little moment of being one of the great unwashed.

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