Cooking without eggs

What to use instead of eggs in recipes

There are so many things that we can use that are vegan and non-dairy when a recipe calls for eggs. This is great because it means  you can cook almost anything from a normal recipe book without having to dig out special ingredients if you know what type of recipe they are suitable for. So here are a list of common ingredients that can be used to replace eggs and the type of recipes they are suitable for:

1. Baking soda and vinegar.

For this you can use any vinegar you have around, malt vinegar or cider vinegar.

To replace one egg combine the 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of vinegar.  Add the mix to the recipe when it says add the egg.

The chemical reaction between these two ingredients makes baking really light and fluffy.  So this is good for cakes, cup cakes, and muffins.

2. Flax seeds.

Flax seeds (linseeds) are really good for you and are very high in omega-3. 1 tablespoon of flax seed and 3 tablespoons of water replace one egg.

Put the flaxseed in a coffee grinder (or get ready ground flaxseed). Combine with 3 tbsns water and mix  thoroughly.  After 2 mins or so the mix will get  gelatinous like egg. Add to the recipe replacing the egg.  This mix gives a  nutty flavour and is great for pancakes, muffins and bisciuts.

3.  Silken tofu

60g = 1 egg

Silken tofu is a long life product that comes in a small tetra pack.  It is really smooth and creamy and can last in the cupboard for ages.  It doesnt even need to be kept in the fridge.

Blend the tofu to be really smooth .  Add when the recipe calls for an egg.

Great for both savoury and sweet recipes, adds moisture and helps to bind.

4. Egg Replacer

1.5 tsp with 1 tbsn water or soya milk mix is the equivalent to 1 egg

Egg replacer is made of a basic mix of potato starch and tapioca flour which together thicken bind and rise. Recipes and directions are on the box but basically you need 1.5 tsp with 1 tbsn water or soya milk to replace 1 egg.  Mix well taking care to  remove all lumps.  Use instead of  egg in all recipes. One box is the equivalent of 100 eggs so this is good value and very veratile.

5. Plain soya yogurt

60g = 1 egg,

Use to add moistness and densness to cakes

6. Bananas

Half a banana really very well mashed = 1 egg.

Obviously using banana adds banana flavour to whatever you are making so be sure you actually want it to taste a little bananery.  Good for pancakes, bread, and cakes.

7. Stewed apple

60g of stewed apple can replace = 1 egg.  Using apple will add moisture to bread and cakes.  It can also be used to replace fat or oil in some recipes.

There you go, egg-free baking made simple.  If you have any other egg-free tips, vegan tips on cooking without eggs or other easy ingredient replacements please post them here.

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