Tips for an Anti-Candida Diet

Jo Coffey has suffered from Candida for far too long. She is a customer of GoodnessDirect and has been helping us with the flagging of certain of our products to help point others with candida problems in the right direction.

The eating plan detailed here is a personal list and highlights only part of the really effective approach featured in Erica White’s Beat Candida Cookbook (which is more than a cookbook and has a 4 point plan of attack to get really well again after candida infection).

Note: Jo hates celery even though its fine for candidiasis sufferers!!

The diet summary: Anti-Candida Diet:

FOODS TO AVOID Argh! No! The evil candida-aliens are coming!

SUGAR in all it’s forms, and all foods containing sugar, INCLUDING FRUIT – it’s still sugar after all. This includes brown or white sugar, demerara, molasses, syrup, honey, malt, chocolate, all forms of confectionery, icing, marzipan, ice-creams, deserts, puddings, cakes, biscuits, soft drinks, including squash and all canned drinks, tinned fruit in syrup etc. Check ALL packets for hidden sugar – it’s even in some frozen or canned vegetables! Types of sugar also include Fructose, Lactose, Maltose, Sucrose and Dextrose. So malted grains, even spices with added sugar are all out.

YEAST All foods containing or derived from it. This includes Bread, food coated in breadcrumbs or rusk, marmite, vecon, bovril, Bisto, Oxo (even vegetarian oxo cubes have sugar and yeast!), citric acid, monosodium glutomate, vitamin tablets (unless the label specifically states “yeast free”). Pizza bases and most makes of pitta bread (I’ve found naan breads are the same). Also beware of commercially wrapped bread which claims to have no added yeast if it has been made with sourdough, or sprouted grains because these products have been fermented and contain their own naturally produced yeasts.

REFINED GRAINS White flour, granary flour (which is white flour with added malt and whole grains), white rice, white pasta, cornflour (cornstarch), custard powder, cornflakes, most other produced cereals, unless “whole grain” or “wholemeal” is stated.

MALTED PRODUCTS some cereals (eg: weetabix), some crispbreads, granary bread, malted drinks like ovaltine, horlicks and caro.

ANYTHING FERMENTED: Vinegar and foods containing it (ketchups, pickles, salad creams, mayonnaise, baked beans), soy sauce, sourdough bread, ginger beer, cider, beer and wine. In fact all alcohol, including spirits, act as a stimulant which triggers the release of your blood sugar stores thus making sugar for the yeasts.

COWS MILK and most milk products including cream and most cheeses. (See foods to enjoy for yoghurt and other details)

FRESH FRUIT Raw, stewed, made into jam or juice. Pure fruit juice is virtually straight fructose and often also very high in moulds. Fresh squeezed lemon juice is allowed in salad dressings, mineral water etc (nice extra for fruit teas too!)

DRIED FRUIT including prunes and figs and mueslis.
NB: Figs or dates are used to sweeten some health drinks eg: caro, bambu and nocaff. (Plain instant chicory powder is seldom sweetened and is also good for you).

NUTS Unless freshly cracked, because of mould. Avoid peanuts completely, even in their shells(monkey nuts) because they are very high in mould. Avoid peanut butter for this reason too.

GROUND PEPPER One of the highest mould contents of the kitchen – the pepper pot, however freshly ground it’s okay.

SALT It is important not to overload the body with sodium at this time. If you must use it use LO-salt which supplements the sodium with potassium. Craving for salt is most likely to be due to ZINC deficiency consider zinc supplementation read optimum nutrition bible and/or see a nutritionist first though! Zinc is essential to libido too.

SMOKED OR CURED FISH and MEAT including ham, bacon, (even unsmoked is still cured) smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, smoked haddock.

MUSHROOMS which are a fungus. So are truffles.

TEA AND COFFEE – even decaf as they still contain other stimulants. Also avoid hot chocolate and all malted drinks.

COLA DRINKS AND LUCOZADE – they both contain caffeine (as well as sugars) as do Beechams powders and many painkillers (eg: anadin, phensic, panadol extra)

ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS. These have been found to feed candida just as well as sugar and also keep a persons sweet tooth alive.

PRESERVATIVES including citric acid which are frequently derived from yeasts and in any case introduce unnecessary chemicals into the body. Citric acid is commonly found in supermarket tomatos. Healthfood shop organic tomatoes are normally just in tomato juice alone.

HOT SPICES AND CURRIES – they destroy friendly bacteria in the gut and are an irritant.

CHEMICAL ADDITIVES If you don’t know what it is on the ingredients list then DON’T eat it!!! (Jo: rather makes sense to me about all food, yet apparently most people eat lots of meals filled with chemicals they don’t even know a thing about!!) Also avoid non organic meat or eggs, even free range, because of medicine residues. OTHERS: Also avoid any prescribed medicines such as: antibiotics, steroids, including creams and inhalers, the contraceptive pill, HRT, NSAIDs. Also moulds from house plants and build-up of moulds in any double glazing can be a trigger/problem. Often people are sensitive to gas fumes too, but that’s pushing it for here!

FOODS TO ENJOY Yum ! Scrum ! Fill my tum !

YEAST-FREE SODA BREAD Made with wholewheat flour, or other whole grains. See book for good recipes (most bought ones have added sugar or dairy or both)

RICE CAKES (may be lightly toasted), oatcakes (malt free) original or sesame ryvita, wholewheat crispbreads. Read all labels carefully. Nairn’s organic oatcakes are on the diet and very good with hummus.

PASTRY made with wholewheat flour, oatmeal and sunflower or olive oil in proportions of 3:2:2 Make very moist with water then dust well with flour before rolling.

UNSWEETENED SOYA OR RICE MILK as milk alternatives. Different makes of soya milk have drastically different flavours (some taste creamy and nutty, ­most taste of cardboard and water), and rice milk also comes in Vanilla flavour which is delicious and makes even better porridge than cows milk! Oat milk is surprisingly good.

BUTTER– unsalted for spreading and cooking, otherwise for all cooking use extra virgin olive oil.

UNHYDROGENATED MARGARINE read all labels carefully, make sure it is dairy free, and unhydrogenated AND avoid those with citric acid, (it’s mould extract remember), (and in Jo’s case dairy-free too!) Pure organic or SO olive oil are the only spreads we’ve found that are safe.

COLD PRESSED OILS sunflower, safflower, linseed – only as salad dressing (or jacket potato softner), with lemon or with egg in mayonnaise. DO NOT HEAT as they release free radicals!

NATURAL YOGHURT – low fat, natural, unflavoured. Have it as a dessert or breakfast with lecethin granules or mixed seeds, or with cereal such as whole puffed rice. Spread on top of lasagne before baking or flavour with mint as a dip. (Jo: Even though it’s not low fat we both love Rachels Organic Greek style yoghurt. You can do lots with it too; with a little carob powder mixed in makes a tangy chocolate mousse like mix – a little of this is the nearest I get to a dessert, vanilla and cinammon are great too … but I’ve always prefered savoury things to puddings anyway so that’s okay – sadly now eliminated by dairy allergy taking hold). Milled dark linseeds add nice flavour and texture too.

COTTAGE CHEESE as a spread or filler for jacket potato or with salad. (Jo: I’ve never been too keen on cottage cheese, and combined with the dairy intolerance history I can’t see a really good reason for me to eat cottage cheese ever. I don’t think Cliff thinks much of it either and as a person who suffers in the sinuses most dairy is best avoided too)

BREAKFASTS home made muesli with oat flakes (organic) And other whole grains, mixed with seeds, soaked in water and eaten with oat milk, rice milk or natural yoghurt. Shredded wheat with soya or rice milk. Puffed oats, wheat or rice or kashi (mixed whole grains) with soya or rice milk. Porridge made with soya or rice milk (see rice milk note – vanilla is excellent) sprinkled with cinammon or nutmeg and eaten with yoghurt.

Egg, boiled, poached or scrambled, eaten with wholewheat soda bread, or toast and butter, rice cakes with cottage cheese (yuk!) and sliced tomato, or slices of tinned pease pudding (help – I’ll take the rice cakes after all!) with tomato, grilled or microwaved, and many more besides.

MAIN MEALS Try to find a butcher (or farm shop) selling free-range chickens, and organic lean meat to avoid hormones and antibiotics. Rabbit and lamb are less likely to be affected. Do not forget though that all red meat has inflammatory qualities!

Enjoy any type of fish (except smoked) but oily fish is particularly beneficial (herrings, sardines, mackerel, pilchards, salmon tuna and trout.)

Combine a grain with a pulse for more complete protein from vegetarian sources. Eg: bean and vegetable pie, crumble, rice or bulgar wheat with chickpeas in tomato sauce or soya milk and herb sauce, wholewheat spaghetti, brown rice pasta twirls with brown lentils, tomatos and onions. Though even without combining you still get some reasonable protein from pulses.

FRESH VEGETABLES – of all types, steamed. Aim to have a plate full of salad (UNCOOKED VEGETABLES) including TOMATOES every day – it should be a 1/3 of all anyone eats, uncooked veg. Do not salt when steaming, even with lo-salt. We also roast our vegetables in organic extra virgin olive oil – not strictly totally healthy but a very nice alternative.

AVOCADOS are very good filled with houmous, yoghurt with tomato puree, or home-made vinegar free mayonnaise. Apparently others enjoy cottage cheese, but then there’s no accounting for taste!

LEMONS – apart from avocados and tomatoes, the only other fruit allowed. If adding slices to drink then scrub the peel very well to ensure all traces of moulds are removed. Use lemon juice for salad dressing, for a yoghurt sauce with casseroled chicken and for squeezing over your fish, also to substitute for the vinegar in mayonnaise.

SEEDS AND FRESHLY CRACKED NUTS – not peanuts. (Jo: I still gag at the taste, even scent sometimes, of 90% of nuts so best to avoid them. Seeds I’m weaning myself onto still, but should be okay.) They make a nutritious snack. Choose seeds such as sunflower pumpkin, flax and sesame. Keep in the fridge. A mix of above seeds gives balanced amounts of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty oils.
NB shelled nuts have unseen moulds so they must be fresh nuts cracked as you eat them.

HERBS OF ALL KINDS fresh or dried add interesting variations in flavour.

MILD SPICES also add interest. Cinnamon, coriander, tumeric, cumin etc, though still avoid hot ones especially chilli (irritant). (Jo: lemon grass, coriander and ginger go excellently with coconut milk or cream as a thai style stir-fry sauce). FRESH ground black pepper, but not pre-ground. Be wary – many mixed spice mixes have added sugar as one of the spices! Schwarz Thai 7 spice doesn’t but their chinese 5 spice does so check very carefully.

HOT DRINKS barley cup (yukky stuff plain instant chicory is far nicer and less burnt tasting) and herb teas or fruit teas providing they have no citric acid or malt or artificial flavours or colourings. Rooibos tastes closest to normal tea (if rather like somewhat stewed normal tea to my taste buds). Hot tomato juice makes a nice winter warmer. Roasted dandelion coffee (avoid added lactose or sugar) tastes good and is a wonderful detox for the liver. (Jo: having checked the health food shops out for this one I think you have to make it yourself to have it without lactose, milk or sugar). Favourite packeted teas: Cliff is a gingko biloba fan – Ginseng Vitality Qi tea is a favorite, commonly known as lizards (from a conversation about gekkhos in boiling water) sadly it appears they’ve taken out the gingko and added cinnamon and licorice – shouldn’t be allowed to even pretend it’s the same tea!!!! Peppermint is always safe and welcome, most teas which don’t have actual lumps of fruit or sugar are okay.

COLD DRINKS filter or bottled water, still or sparkling with added ice and lemon is refreshing. (Use a filter jug and a soda syphon, as carbonated drinks aren’t generally very good for you as the excess carbon messes up the bodys balance (I think it steals oxygen from the blood if I remember rightly). Chilled tomato juice is good as a starter, no citric acid or vinegar though (and most of them now have added worcester sauce too). Iced fruit teas are good and are a good alternative to squash or fruit juice (don’t store too long though). Yoghurt can be mixed into sparkling mineral water with added mint leaves or vanilla essence too (so they tell me). According to the hospital’s list one can still get away with drinking Gin and Vodka. So there are two alcoholic drinks one can have. Vodka and “pure, citric acid and vinegar-free” tomato juice, (most tomato juices are full of stuff that isn’t tomatoes) or gin and soda, with a slice of lemon – you can hardly taste it’s not tonic, or straight vodka of course! I’m not sure how on diet vanilla vodka is but it’s one of my favorites and seems to do no more harm than regular vodka and doesn’t smell or taste sweet. However these really are to be saved for special occasions as whenever I’ve had more than one I’ve been somewhat less than well for the following day or two and I think it might not be as safe as the hospital thinks. And of course they are stimulants, releasing blood sugar, which is sugar for yeast to feed on as much as any other sugars are )so it’s a no most of the time).

Jo Coffey © Jo Coffey
(Article’s checklist constructed with reference to material from Erica White’s ‘Beat Candida Cookbook‘)

89 thoughts on “Tips for an Anti-Candida Diet

  1. Animal products are filled with poisons and are the reasons why so many people are sick and obese . Not to mention cruel .So it will cause candida .

  2. Thanks , I have been pretty much constantly suffering from candida for the past year without realising – or admitting – it .
    I am really hoping this diet will help, only I do agree with emily above , not much left to eat ! I have several food allergies – dairy, soy, citrus, peanuts and potatoes, which gives me eczema – which i have suffered from all my life so never really made an effort to not eat the foods. SO its really no wonder I have been suffering from thrush, when they are all prime contributors !
    So thanks !

    1. It’ll match Ericas book because as it says in the article:

      Article’s checklist constructed with reference to material from Erica White’s ‘Beat Candida Cookbook‘.

      It’s not really weird at all. I based it on the book because we followed the book. I credit the book because it is mostly from the book with suggestions such as “favorite drinks” coming from our personal experience. The book isn’t however available online (or at least wasn’t when I was asked to share the list we use with GD).

      It’s why I recommend people read her book if they actually want to address candida properly. She doesn’t object to this listing being here and we have had conversations about it.

      So nothing weird in it at all.
      It is Erica’s list with a few personal adjustments, and it does say as much.

  3. hi my name is sofiya, I have had candida for about seven years now,of which four of them I did not realisewhat it was.I would like to know if tomatoe puree feeds candida and also if fresh garlic eaten raw kills off the good bacteria as well as the candida.thanks

    1. I didn’t have problems with tomato myself, I trusted erica when she said the benefits outweigh the problems, if you want answers to specific questions you really need to 1) make notes of whether it affects you personally, and 2) take those notes to a qualified nutritionalist.

  4. Diet seemed to work very well first few days, but now in 3rd week doesn’t. How long should it take?

    The nice rice flour I found was made with fermented rice, so I presume , not allowed either. Isn’t soya spread ok? I just use sunflower oil for cooking-surely that’s ok as same as in spreads?

    1. I think the unsalted comes from minimising the salt load on your system, in erica’s book she explains how you have to let your body have it’s best chance to have minimal other load cause killing the candida is going to be all the load it can deal with and even then only bit at a time.
      Milk is not allowed cause it’s full of milk sugars – lactose, again antoher point explained properly in Erica’s book – well worth getting out of the library and having a proper read if you are actually trying to follow the diet, it doesn’t work on it’s own just restricting the foods.

  5. I thought alcohol in any form was strictly forbidden on the anti-candida diet as it is fermented yeast and sugar. Why is Vodka and Gin OK? I’ve never heard this before.

    Amanda butter is OK because it contains a tiny amount of lactose compared to milk. Unsalted because too much salt stimulates the adrenals and will release extra sugar in the blood. So it’s best not to exceed the recommended daily intake of salt which I think is 6g. If you like salt you are allowed to subsistute it with Lo-salt which is potassium.

  6. Amanda also if you are feeling worse it’s good sign as the dying candida release more toxins than the live stuff, which means that you will feel bad till it’s out of your system. I suggest drinking plenty of water and/or dandelion root coffee. When I started on the diet I was constipated for the first few weeks, this happens because the body has had a big change in diet and needs time to adjust, some people get the runs instead.

    I suggest buying Erica Whites anti candida cook book for a great plan that works and lots of great recipes. You may find it in the local library so it may be worth looking there first. You can even get the library to order for you, or if it’s in another library you can get it sent to your library.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Berry Fruit such as Raspberries, blueberries etc can be eaten after 4 weeks of being on the diet as is low in sugar. I find rice milk extremely sweet and this is due to the sugars produced by fermented rice! I Stick to Oat milk. There are many books on Candida and some are better than others. I have the one by Leon Chaitow which is based on the principles set out by the diet originator, William Crooks. The thing to remember is that Candida cannot be completely killed, it is present in everyone. It is about restricting and controlling it until health improves over time. Keep a food and symptom diary and reintroduce foods after a set time to gauge the effect.

  8. Thanks, some sites contradict each other though….only on week 2 of diet so am hoping to get some good results soon although I already have loads more energy in the evenings and don’t suffer with afternoon slump on this diet either- always a bonus. currently waiting on the beat candida cookbook, wish me luck!!!

  9. I have been on a candida diet and kill off for 5 months and no better (had a couple of slip ups) Just ate sunflower seeds and horrible candida reaction. Rice milk causes my tingling/itching (my form of candida seems primarily to be thrush and skin reactions) all nuts, oat cakes and basically everything I eat except meat and vegies…UUH! Yes it would be better to be dead. Went to a party last night and for dinner from the buffet I had plain greens and a small cup of fried potatoes.

  10. For years I followed strict and rather terrible diets like the one described above. Then I came across a therapist who put me on the right treatment to finally get rid of the Candida plus some excellent herb treatment to tackle the die-off symptoms. She told me that fruit sugars do not feed candida. I can eat fruit! She tested me for various allergies. I can also eat goats and sheeps cheeses. She introduced me to healthy fruit-based sweeteners Xylitol and Agave syrup which are found in various chocolates, cakes, biscuits and ice creams in health shops – which I can now eat. Hey! you lot out there – there’s no need to be a candida martyr!

    1. hello tess, are you a resident in the UK or US?
      If you’re in the UK could you please tell me the contact details of your therapist. I’ve been suffering with candida for a while now and still haven’t found a diet which suits me. Thanks.

    2. Hi Tess, still a Candida sufferer? I would like to know if you will be able to inform me of the herbs prescribed. I am doing it all on my own here from South Africa… I use Omega48 which is excellent, but would like to know more about the Herbs and Professional help you obtained… Tkx for your input!!! Plse inform. Esme

  11. Hey tess, you said that your therapist told you that fruit sugars don’t feed candida? I didn’t know that, in fact I heard just the opposite. Is that because everyone is different and perhaps you have a different kind of candida? I want to eat fruit!

  12. Oh and I have seen many, many different candida diet websites with the lists of do and don’t foods. Some say NO GRAINS, YES NUTS and YES GRAINS, NO NUTS, or GRANNY SMITH APPLES ARE OK, NO FRUIT OF ANY KIND. Some say yes to dairy like cream and others say no to cream, yogurt, cottage ch, cream ch, sour cream etc. Some also say YES TO BEANS or NO BEANS. Its so frustrating, I want a for sure answer here. I guess everyone is different and I just have to start off really strict and then reintroduce foods. Ick, I’m only 19 and have spent 6 years doing diets like this after food sensitivity tests, IM SICK OF THIS! I just want to be like everyone else.

  13. Hi Valgal123

    My therapist hasn’t mentioned a specific type of candida. I will ask her if I have one. To quote her exact words “…fruit sugar does not feed Candida”. She really is something of an expert. The stuff she gave me to kill off the candida was goldenseal and the herb to treat the die-off was a mixture of bayberry and other herbs. She found I was not able to tolerate alcohol and sweeteners like saccarine, aspartme, acesulfame, plus dairy foods and gluten foods (which gave me terrible constipation) and various other foods. If u want me to give u the details of supplier of the above herbs I will do so. R U resident in the US or UK???

    1. hi tess, i have just started the candida diet n while its hard im determined, i was also given golden seal n found it really helped. are you from the uk if so would it be possible 2 have your therapist’s contact details as ive had enough of explaining this to doctors that simply dont believe me

  14. I’m a resident of US. I believe I have had candida since birth and have spent almost ten years trying to feel better. I tried the raw food diet for 8 months and that is when the candida symptoms really became apparent. So I’m kind of hesitant about eating fruit.

    1. Valgal123, Mannatech is an American founded company specializing in nutrition. I am in South Africa and was introduced to it here. It wil change your life! You really don’t have to suffer like this! Do yourself a favour and at least check it out! Ambrotose (glyconutrients) is heavensent!

  15. Hi,

    I’ve just come across this post and it’s very useful, thank you.

    I’ve been following this type of diet quite strictly for about 3 weeks now, but since I’ve started I feel shattered most of the time. To do anything at all requires a super-human effort. (Out of curiosity I took my pulse one day at rest which was around 40 instead of the usual 60pm!). Is this a normal reaction?

    I can only imagine it’s due to cutting out fresh fruit (esp bananas – two a day!), dried fruit (dates), decaf tea and (85% cocoa) chocolate but it seems an extreme reaction. My stomach’s feeling better for it, but I’m wondering if there’s anything I can eat that will give me more energy?

    1. Hi John,
      I stumbled upon this blog today and though you posted 6 months ago, I would like to know how long you stayed on the diet and what were your results. I’m entering week 3 and I feel irritable and tired. I felt good the first week and now I feel blah. Could you update me on your status please. Thanks.

      1. Hi Stacy,

        I can sympathise – I persisted with the diet as strictly as I could for a month or so. In the end though, I ended up losing too much weight, getting very constipated, and still not feeling any better so I went to see a nutritionist who knew about Candida, rather than just try and treat this myself and possibly making matters worse.

        Worried about my low weight, she relaxed the diet somewhat and I started to introduce more carbohydrates like brown rice, wholewheat pasta, potatoes and healthy grains like millet, buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth as well as eating more variety of proteins and (healthy) fattier foods like avocadoes, certain nuts and flaxseed oil.

        I still stayed away from any simple sugars, dried fruit, and fermented foods (and I still do to this day). I must admit I didn’t really start to feel more energetic again until recently when I could bring back low-sugar fruits like blueberries, strawberries and raspberries as well as high cocoa chocolate, and i’m sure all together these have made a great difference to how I feel (and my ‘regularity’ has returned!)

        According to a comprehensive stool test, I no longer have the Candida, but I might still repeat the laboratory saliva test to confirm that it’s not just refusing to show up in that former test. I now just need to gain weight, but being able to eat more without suffering should help in that respect over time. I also find it easier to eat 5 smaller meals a day rather than 3 bigger ones.

        Stacy, I suggest you don’t try ‘going it alone’ (if you are) like I did at the beginning. If you can find a doctor/specialist who recognises Candida as a problem (not like my local GP!) that’s a great help.

        I hope this helps and let me know how you get on 🙂


    2. Hi, I am another Candida suffer! At first I thought it was the end of the world for me! I cannot party anymore, I cannot having my friends taking me out… I thought “disaster”!!! The 1st week on die-off was awful… I have to admit I cheat sometimes (milk with my rolled oats…my diet consist of: 1st thing in the morning my Pro-biotics! Then lemon/lime juice with hot water, my “breakfast (Candida) cereal”. 5x p/day ! My maon course meals: Oregano, whole black pepper, cayenne and ginger, chicken fillet, tomatoes, avocado’s, garlic (I developed hemorrhoids level 4!!! Due to Candida!!! My doctor recommended an opt which I refused. I overcome my Hemorrhoids, died-off and stick to my Candida diet (I believe it is a lifelong story…) My diet consists of the following: bay leaves, pork ribs (NOT marinated) no vinegar – only Virgin olive oil – Braai’s without bread and Cheese (my most favorite!! But no way I will eat it!!) ) All Fresh!!! I do not eat fruit – except!!! Quava’s and grapefruit – believe me and search the web constantly!!! So different, but chose the best, put it together and… Yes! ! Excellent!I drink whiskey with water. Occasionally… Still enjoying myself and thank God I do not have cancer, only Candida. The main, most important thing to feel Vitality, strength, no more tired… OMEGA48!!! Believe me, it works! I do it all on my own (maybe not the best choice, but I feel great!!!) DO NOT forget to get yourself Omega48!!! It is Fab.

  16. Hi Tess,

    I have suffered from candida for almost a year very severely to the point where it’s very dehabilitating. Most of the doctors I saw didn’t know anything about candida it was only when I saw a doctor whilst abroad that I got diagnosed as having candida which is prediminately in the digestive system, bladder and gynaelogical ares. I am on an anti candida diet and am very strict cause determined to get better plus have intolerances even to wheat. I am on various medication but have seen little improvements and am getting so dispondent.

    I would really like the name and number of your therapist that u mentioned who has helped u if your therapist is based in the UK? as I have no therapist or doctor in the UK who has been able to help me. Would really like to be tested like you have with regards to specific foods etc. I would greatly appreciate it.


    1. Hi Tanya,

      How are you getting on with treating your candida? I see an amazing therapist she has helped me no end. When I started the diet on my own and used books, they could only help me to a point, as I didn’t know what my food allergies were. I was still eating soy, wholewheat, goats yogurt, eggs – all of which I am allergic to. I’m feeling more positive now that I know exactly what I’m supposed to eat, she has done blood tests for allergies, stool testing which was very useful, Zinc and Vitamin D tests and I’m defficiant for both. I’m on a course of vitamins, minerals, liver support, probiotics, and yeast and bug killers. I get die off still, so have to be careful not to take too many tablets until my body can tolerate them, its a gradual process you need to be careful with.

      I would urge anyone struggling with candida to contact her for an appointment. The website address is and the clinic is in Brampton, Cambridgeshire.

  17. Hello, yes I agree that there are many contradictions on the various web sites on the internet but if you keep reading them you will see which ones say the same things so it makes sense to trust those. Basically, you should first off avoid all sugars, yeast and fermented foods. A safe way to start is to eat food you prepare yourself from fresh ingredients, use almost nothing from a box! Fruit, especially ripe, is to be eliminated, though one fruit a day is accepted if it is low in sugar (apples, pears). No carbs as they convert to sugar in the intestines which is why a high protein diet is emphasized. I eat lots of garlic, onions and ginger as they are antifungal.
    Everyone is born with “good” candida (sounds morbid but it’s function is to help the body decompose when you’re gone) but can multiply into the “bad” form if too many processed foods are eaten, too many antibiotics, steroids, etc.
    Candida can exist as a symptom of other illnesses which doctors often treat with antibiotica thereby making the candida worse.
    I have been working with an herbalist in the UK and am still under his treatment and hope to get better soon. If anyone is interested I can pass along his info as he works with people in other countries (I live in Italy and have never met him).

  18. Thanks for this post which I agree does almost echo Erica White’s book, but with some very useful additions – I for one am very grateful to find out about vanilla rice milk!

    I have been on the candida diet for 2 weeks now (feels like forever already!), having had a fairly healthy diet previous to my Candida discovery. I think mine has mostly arisen from hormone therapy and is confined to intestines and pelvis mostly. Anyway, like John, I am feeling absolutely drained most of the time since starting the diet and would like to know if this is a common reaction when starting. I previously ate a wholegrain, organic, wheat-free, low-dairy diet, and the major change for me has been to cut out snacks and associated sugar of course (frusli bars were my downfall), my daily cup of coffee, the odd bit of cheese, the odd glass of wine or gin and tonic, and fruit. Why then do I feel like I’ve got M.E?!! It’s such an effort to keep me eyes open at times and I feel totally drained despite taking ginseng etc. Any advice anyone?

  19. I know it’s tough to feel energetic when all of the foods we used to rely on to give us a boost are off-limits and you don’t know where to turn! For myself, when I feel too tired, I eat a snack or another small meal. With such an extreme diet as this, at least quantity doesn’t seem to matter. So I may eat my one apple or a simple omelet or even juice some fresh veggies (fennel, parsley, ginger, celery, etc.) or eat rice cakes just to get rid of that hungry and weak feeling.
    I have also been drinking 1,5 or more litres of mineral water a day and maybe all the fizzy bubbles keep me alert? At the very least you will be busy going to the bathroom most of the day which will keep you awake! Hope this gives you some ideas…

  20. I realise that my post may be a little bit off topic. However, every piece of knowledge I could find in the internet was extremely helpful for me, and if my experience is going to help anybody I decided to post it here.

    I am 19 years old and I was diagnosed with acid reflux ( feeling of a tightened esophagus, heartburn all the time and plenty, plenty of burping). It was terrible. For he first time, after eating curry with tomato sauce my esophagus tightened so badly that I had to go to a hospital because I thought I will suffocate. My heart was racing out of al the stress. The doctor wanted to give me a holter 😉

    I’ve been having it for 4 months now. I was given ranitidine first, than proton pump inhibitors which are supposed to limit the amount of stomach acid (by the way, stomach acid keeps the digestive system in check and prevents fungus and bacteria to overgrow). I took it for 2 months all together and i didnt help me at all.

    The doctors basically didn’t know shit. The first doctor ( a Dutch one – stay away from them!) completely ignored the issue, and the other ones just gave me medicine and didn’t tell me anything about the diet. The medicine didn’t help so I decided to act on my own.

    I stopped taking the PPI’s and for a week I had heartburn all the time. It was hell. I thought about coming back on medicine which helped just a little, but I endured it. I still didnt know what to do, which foods to avoid and which should I eat – because of so many conflicting information on the internet. Now it seems that I have found the solution.

    For a week now I am on a diet which is very simple – I eat everythig cooked. And everything means vegetables, meat (must be organic – non-organic meat contains antibiotics and all sorts of this crap) and grains (quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice). A soft boiled egg form time to time.I don’t drink anything but water, chamomille, and fresh ginger with boiled water ( imagine how extremely difficult is that being a student). No pasta, nothing acidic and processed. I also have some aloe vera juice every dayto heal the esophagus, and a lot of ginger and cinnamon. I am also considering to start drinking sam Pau d’Arco which is very very good for detox removing fungus from your system;however, check how to use it, as it may become toxic if taken in too big quantities.

    I also started to swim back again (I was a swimmer for my entire life). And it relieves stress perfectly.

    I don’t know what I have. I know I have heartburn, I burp way too much (100 times a day, though I don’t have winds which is strange). Maybe it is candida, maybe it is something else. I know why I have it though: during my last semester, which was the first of university my life was a mess. It was difficult to move out away from home, live in a different country as a stranger.

    Even though I am never sick I was sick two times! Even though I never take antibiotics the infections were serious enough to do so, and I had to take them twice over a course of 4 months for entirely different things (that is why it is likely that I have candida, way too much antibiotics and junk food) . I was also extremely unorganized and my habits were terrible. A pack of cigarettes a day, beer from the morning to the evening, no breakfast, plenty of processed food and chinese fast foods. A true disaster.

    Some people say that reflux is uncurable. Bullshit. I do not believe that a perfectly healthy 19 year old has to suffer for this condition until the very end of his life. I messed up I agree but now it is time to get together and cure myself. Stopping drinking, as well as quitting smoking was extremely difficult. However, what is even harder is not being able to eat all the delicious food there is out there. I am definitely not going ti give up, because I am sure there is a cure. A freind of mine had a similar condition had the same strict diet for two months, and now she drinks and eats everything she wants, with limitations of course.

    Guys don’t give up ! Don’t believe he doctors who say there is no cure to something. You just have to be very consistent, and have extremely strong will ! Because if you indulge in a guilty pleasure from time to time the whole exercise is not going to work ! Understand your body, make an agreement with it and you’ll be allright.

    Guys I keep my fingers crossed for all of you, and wish me luck 😉 !

  21. Chatterton,

    You must have been touched by an angel. That post was truely motivating and inspirational! You’ve really changed my whole out-look. I’ve been aware for some time that it would be beneficial to me to go on an anti-candida diet, but it is daunting how restictive it is. However you have successfully put a positive spin on things and I just experienced the moment I’ve been waiting for – reading your post – when my mind is clear and I am ready and willing to make positive changes to improve my health! I was about to go out and get a chocolate bar 😛 Now I’m in the mood for a salad! I’m only 21, I should feel bouncey and enthusiastic about life – I have every reason to, and yet I wake up feeling tired. I feel sluggish and demotivated. My skin is sensitive to everything. I am also a sufferer of acne and my self-esteem is at an all time low. But from here on out that’s all gunna change! Thank you. And good luck!

  22. Thanks Chatterton for the reminder to add ginger to hot water, I completely forgot about using it as a tea and sometimes it’s hard to drink ginger juiced straight…good luck with the detox!

  23. Hi all

    I’ve had candidia for 12 plus years. Hold on, i didn’t know about it for 10 of them. I found out a year and a half ago after years of extreme digestive problems and all over body itchiness, this then turned into extreme hypersensitivity, (nobody could cuddle me when i was having an outbreak) numbness and tingling. I even went for a brain scan for MS.
    Now I know what it is I feel better in some ways but not in others. Being on the diet is a nightmare. I always get tempted by things, the odd chocolate, crisp or alcohol binge. Which means more than one of each.

    The initial diet went well but I went from 8 half stone to 7. I was hungry and tired but in some ways felt good. My stomach didn’t hurt anymore and I didn’t itch. I started to understand food better and feel better and got into cooking.

    Problem is most people think you are a pain in the arse, lets be honest. Just a fussy foodie or wanting to loose weight. And then you get the people who think you ate that, why can’t you eat this. Like, oh you only restrict yourself when it suits.

    Then I think, this is my life, my health, my body. I’ll eat what I want, when I want. Yeah sometimes I eat something I shouldn’t which means means the next I can’t.
    I’ve tried many things. Accupuncture and the chinese herbs really help. This is expensive. I can eat bits of this and bits of that here and there.There’s so much contradictory information I went only for 2 months on strict strict diet, then I had to have some normailty. Refined sugar and yeast products a no no. Bit of other things here and there seems ok. But I’ve spend at least 3 grand on supplements etc and this is a hard battle. I feel as if I’m an addict and can’t give up things even if I have one digestive biscuit. Boo.
    All you can do is live it as you see fit which is difficult or maybe I just have no willpower.

    Good luck guys. Make sure you have supportive people around you. People are becoming more tolerant.

    Eat natural as mucn as you can……

  24. I wish people would stop telling others what they can and cant eat while they have candida,just because their therapist told them something does not mean its written in stone !Everyone is affected differently by candida.There is so much conflicting advice that the best thing to do is to listen to your own body,if you try something and if it doesnt affect you,then you can eat it! The only thing I would say is, dont cut out carbs all together as someone suggested otherwise you will end up very ill or dead.Where are you going to get your energy from?

    1. Totally agree with you Jay,

      when I started the diet, I bought 2 books which were quite conflicting, but I took advise from both, its better to hear all sides of the diet and workout for yourself what is best. Food intolerances are very common with candida, and if you don’t know what yours are, you could be wasting your time following the diets you read in books. Many say that, whole wheat, eggs, goats milk, and soy are all fine to have, and they are – unless your intolerant to them! Its so hard to work out all of your intolerances on your own, sometimes the effects won’t hit you for 3 days after you had the food, and can last for weeks after. My nutritionalist had some blood samples sent away and now I know exactly what foods to eat and what to avoid. Food intolerances can give you the same symptoms as candida, so its very confusing to know if your feeling poorly due to your candida or food intolerances if you haven’t been tested. You do need carbs on this diet thats for sure, or you will end up even more ill, especially if you excercise regulary – your energy stores will be empty! Low GI carbs are fine, and you should definately add some grains to your meals if you can tolerate them. For the 1st month of the diet I cut out fruit completely, now I allow myself 2 peices of low sugar fruit a day – berries are especially good and are full of antioxidents. Apples are low sugar too. You just have to do trial and error for yourself where fruit is concerned.

  25. I recently found out through kinesiology that I have mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings and mild candida. Having researched mercury poisoning I have discovered that it causes candida problems.Mercury is the second most toxic substance on the planet. Mercury poisoning can occur through vaccinations, mercury/amalgam fillings and through eating fish poisoned with mercury. To all those doing the anti candida diet and have amalgam fillings I strongly advise you to research mercury poisoning and have them out by a specially trained dentist and follow a mercury detox diet, which is very similar to anti candia diet, high protein helps to detox the mercury. If you have mercury poisoning, the candida problem is likely to keep coming back if you do not address the mercury poisoning.

  26. i apparantly have been having a yeast over growth for about 9 years, started on sudden with allergies to perfume, chemicals well just about everything. i never figured out what was wrong with me until i had my child and went to breast feed and was in extreme pain to the point of blacking out when my daughter would latch. i went to a lactation consultant and she realized i had yeast, i tried fluconazole, nystatin, gention violet, vinegaar, grapefruit seed extract nothing worked. i went to a naturalpath and she basically gave me the candida diet and finally i was able to breast feed without pain. unfortunately every time i ate a little junk food the pain would come back when breast feeding. so i stopped breast feeding when she hit 7 months old. i have basically been on this candida diet since she was 3 months old – so 6 months total with a few slip ups. i have tried threelac – but probably not long enough, and am trying candigone right now. and then when that is done i am going back to the natural path to try something else cuz im sure i still have systematic yeast over growth. my story for here is that you really need to watch going on this diet. i have never been tested for diabetes but might get checked. when i went full force on the candida diet i ended up in the hospital almost in a diabetic coma. i have read that you get flu like symptoms as the yeast die off and release toxins in your body but… please everybody dont wait to late if you feel sick. i first felt no appetite, then started urinating alot and then vomiting alot, then my body ached i was getting in a warm bath every hour, finally i checked my self in at the hospital and was lucky i did. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL WHEN GOING ON THIS CANDIDA DIET. i removed absolutely every carb, sugar- blah blah and it nearly killed me. my next comment is to Jules, thanks for the tip on mercury poisoning maybe after all this 6 months of trying it might just have to do with the mercury.

  27. i have an amalgam on my 2 teeth, i guess that is my problem.. iam on 2 weeks diet..chicken egg meat veg. thats all i eat.. i am totally skinny right now..but i know it will help me. i dont know how long it will take.. i also include virgin coconut oil as a medicine for it.. doing the diet is really good.. my leg pain u=is subsiding. Good Lord will heal us. Jesus Christ

  28. I dont mean to be rude but this is the most dangerously misguided Anti-Candida diet article I have ever come across, and I have done years of research on it all. Whether it was copied out by a book, as one of you noticed, or not doesnt matter – there are so many so called health experts out there writing books that dont have a clue. Science is fast evolving and moving so most experts are totally outdated and/or wrong, even after a year. The above diet is also seriously unhealthy to our colon and body and will no doubt make you all gain weight! It is not enough to just be on an Anti-candida diet. Healthy eating, cleansing our system/colon & weight loss are also a vital part of it. Heres a few examples of how out of touch this article is – Absolutely ALL grains need to be avoided for a start, even the few good ones such as Millet, Quinoa & Buckwheat. Margerine of any kind is a big no no and highly toxic to our systems no matter what the ingredients are. Cooking with any oil other than Organic butter is highly toxic. Organic butter is the only fat that doesnt change its molecular structure even on high heat and is also less dense than other fats. It is the only natural and safe fat to cook with and be naturally recognised by our bodies and safely digested. High quality cold-pressed oils can only be used raw and uncooked and in very tiny amounts if youre a woman and especially if you need to lose weight as they are so dense and womens metabolism is very different to mens. Cows yogurt is out of touch too and shouldnt be touched with a bargepole. Sheeps/Goats is fine but not Cows. I could go on and on about many points from this article. Some things listed are actually ok as the amount of mould is so minimal and irrellevant no matter how much Candida you may have. This diet is very dangerous and the person who has written it is totally irresposible and doesnt have a clue. I highly recommend you get “Detox For Women” (even men can follow this diet) by Natalia Rose. Natalia is at the absolute forefront of it all and is constantly up to date with the fast changing science of nutrition and Candida. This book is specifically for Candida, and/or weight loss. You wont go hungry ever or be ridiculously misinformed and deprived such as with the article above, and whats more you will literally reverse your ageing, look & feel younger, lose any excess weight and rapidly (no joke), lose cellulite and become naturally toned without even exercise, balanced moods, sleep better etc etc. I promise you. It rocks. Look on Amazon US reviews (theres more on there than on the UK one). Natalia is a top nutritionist who has helped many celebrities, athletes & all sorts. Check her out. And look at her other previous 2 books as they will be the ones to get once you are ready to re-introduce fruits, nuts, grains etc. These 2 other books are so exciting and you will never want to eat what is considered “normally” again. You will totally understand Candida, health, ageing and weight etc when you read her books (with regards to Candida just the Detox For Women one) but just dont make the mistake I initially made by diving in wihtout reading it all properly first. And re-read too as you go along as too often we can miss out on important bits. Its all very fun and easy to read so I dont think you will get bored or cross-eyed. Her books are also for anyone be it meat eaters, Vegans, Vegetarians… Whatever you decide to do, please dont do this diet above. It is dangerous and wont work plus will make you fat, depressed and even more toxic! Wishing you lots of love with your journey back to health 🙂 xx

  29. Hi… and well wow.

    What a lot of answers, and what an inflamatory response to an article that at it’s core suggests it’s a good idea to eat lots of veggies and fish and that added sugar is just not a good idea.

    The Background for you:
    A while back, having mailed GoodnessDirect about different products in order to check if they matched the anti-candida diet I was on, I was asked if I had any further information on it as they wanted to know more.

    In lieu of a chance to write a full article I supplied the list my partner and I share with restaurants and friends who are trying to feed my us. It is a good basic checklist, and that’s pretty much what is up there on this blog.

    On this diet we have both become much more healthy, and unless you don’t cook at all it really isn’t as horribly restrictive as it might sound. The restrictions have a fantastic up side of really boosting your palette to taste subtleties of different foods. Certainly friends coming to ours for meals haven’t complained of the lack of food, and often they compliment us on the variety.

    I have never made a secret that the original article is based upon the information from Erica White’s Beat Candida cookbook, it was adjusted with a number of years of practice, and importantly to personal taste and based on personal choices, and it is educated by my reading various other articles and nutritional study and a number of anticandida or other healthy diet books. As for unqualified authors – it’s worth checking facts before throwing accusations: Erica White herself is a qualified nutritionalist, no she doesn’t claim celebrity clients, she just has had an awful lot of normal people get healthier with her help – she ran a consultancy in the SE England for many years helping very many people and as far as I’m aware still does online consultancies for people.

    My only qualification admittedly is NCFE in healthy eating and diet and very much casual reading, training in analytical thinking and some study of nutrition, but most importantly 10 years of experience of intelligently applying this very diet and seeing great results from it. But then I only ever supplied the details of what had worked for us.

    I can vouch that the diet does work for many of us. It works well and does not make you ill or fat *IF* what your problem is is candida, stimulated by poor diet (ie: western ready meals etc) it can make you much healthier. I would urge anyone going to follow it to hit their local library for the full Erica White book – it really is worth a read, it psyches you up to be positive as well as having assessments designed by qualified people to assess whether your problem really is candida. If you read it you will also know it is important to accompany the diet with certain lifestyle adjustments (I’ve been going round historic sites before now and just had to get out as I’ve had a horrendous response to a mould there), and with caprylic acid (or citricidal) supplements, probiotic supplements and nutritional support. This is the part which the eating list alone doesn’t cover, however, since the article was initially supplied with the intention of it being used for people cooking for us, and then was supplied to flag the goodness direct database for products which were safe for the EricaWhiteBeatCandida eating plan then not mentioning that taking a high quality multivitamin like SOlgar’s Earth Source and Omega 369 supplements (especially if you’re not eating oily fish) and the probiotic and anti-fungal supplements is fairly reasonable.
    It is something in retrospect I think could have been added and benefitted people more, along with a recommendation to read the full book it’s based on.

    I would also say that although initially it doesn’t seem that way it does also leave you loads to eat, there are hundreds of vegetables out there just waiting for you to explore them, much fish and there are a number of veggie products which are “on diet”.

    My personal history was that I was hospitalised due to the candida, very very sick, couldn’t keep any food down. Various checks and examinations showed a system with bits physically in the right place so a fully trained NHS nutritionalist was called and assessed my condition and diagnosed candida, so it wasn’t a self diagnosis as is so very popular. I read every book I could lay my hands on and settled for the one which addressed the health problem I specifically wanted to deal with in the most commonsense and appealing way to me. I started studying nutrition and also read the Optimum Nutrition Foundation publications to enhance my understanding of the subject.

    Whilst sticking to the diet i went from 13 stone to 9 1/2 stone, a pretty much perfect weight for my height, without any attempt at weight loss simply because I was filling up on lots of steamed vegetables and salad and making sure I got my protein from fish and eggs, and recognised that carbs aren’t evil but good sources of energy. I also had more energy so was more active. I really had a brilliant resumption of energy levels and have left depression behind me too. Therefore I tend to consider it a useful diet, and am happy to share my experience with others. It seems harsh to start with but actually if you aren’t surrounded by people eating crud it soon starts to shine through as a rather obviously natural diet.

    You have to stick to Erica’s guidelines, and not, as I did first time round, think “I’m fine now” after a little while and eat bread and drink ale again, even if it is organic and very tasty, that’ll just set you off again.

    There are some elements which aren’t perfect for your health, I’d agree sheeps or goats live yoghurt is definitely a better idea, but when it was written they weren’t freely available and for many people they don’t like them – but all of life is about taking account of your personal choices and situation and adapting. Sure, don’t do cows yoghurt if you can get the alternatives (I don’t do cows myself ), but if you do, let’s keep things in proportion its not the end of the world and if you are genuinely suffering with candidiasis on an systemic scale where you are struggling to live at all then it IS a source of probiotics and had other benefits, yes there is some animal fat – though very little in the low fat versions.

    I’m delighted the post, and importantly the attitude of “we can get the better of the invaders who have got too big for their boots and are telling us to eat crud” has helped some people. I’m sorry it seems to have caused such a fit for the previous poster, but it is still useful information and I’m living proof that it works, i truly might not have been here still without it.

    Second time round (after lapsing too early to off diet foods) it took me about 3 1/2-4 years to get clear but other than having reintroduced some yeasted bread occasionally and a bit of fruit I still mostly eat “on diet” because eating fresh fish, fresh local eggs, and fresh veggies is just a damned good way of eating.

    I wouldn’t make wild claims about it reversing aging, I really can’t see any fancy diet or eating plan making my breasts levitate to where they were in my teens, however good basic healthy eating and avoiding sugars which are too easily accessible does seem to work very well.

    Oh and I did find that fresh fruit, in the early stages, could cause as much of a sudden beach ball effect as anything else with sugar in so I’m not so sure about the claim that yeasts can’t eat fructose too. After all – how is fruit wine made?

    Here’s hoping that this article continues to be of positive use to those who want to take inspiration from it. Also that those who have their own path to follow which they want to push as “the only right one” can manage to be a little more reasonable and less panic mongering than saying that something that has worked wonderfully, can’t possibly do so; something which helped me loose 3 1/2 stone will definitely make you overweight; and that the behavioural reset which lifted my depression and gave me a whole new lease of life so I am hardly recognisable from the wretch I was, will actually cause depression.

    Best of luck to anyone still fighting the candida beasties,

    Jo Coffey.

  30. A candida-free diet calls for at least four to five meals a day. This ensures that your blood sugar and hunger are controlled. In-between meals snacks, however, should be limited to small amounts of healthy foods such as raw vegetables and nuts, excluding peanuts and pistachios.

  31. Hi everyone just looking through all the comments here. I’m only 17 and had a rough year this year first having antibiotics for pnemonia I found I had a very weird reaction to this antibiotic with thrush, heart racing etc. So my mum rushed me up to hospital they said it was nothing more than panic. Then I was on another strong antibiotic for a kidney infection, I actually fainted with this infection. Also on a steroid inhaler for about 6 months for asthma. Could this cause a yeast overgrowth? I’m tired all the time. Had all the blood tests for anything serious and there all fine. I don’t know what to do anymore will this diet help me get better? My mum is on it as she suffers from M.E. We hav ericas whites book and really sounds like I have a yeast overgrowth.

  32. First off I have to legally cover the fact that i am not medically trained, just someone else who’s been through candida big time and known other friends who have suffered (and who’ve all improved things lot by following Erica’s plan/book).

    Those kind of antibiotic doses, especially with a thrush flare up in between are classic ways of getting your candida grow out of hand, the thrush is a bit of a give away. Other friends tell similar sounding tales. For me it was bronchitus – I went thro the cycle three times: first a week of hardly breathing bronchitus, then a week of strong antibiotics with no probiotic support, followed by a week of thrush; returning to the beginning with a week of recurring bronchitusleaving me hardly able to breathe… you get the idea. I look back and wonder what they thought they were doing if it didn’t work the first time. Strong broad spectrum anti biotics one in three weeks for a couple of months? My partner had his for a tooth infection which he was double anti-b’d for, before it he used to run everywhere and be bouncy as anything (he was a theatre/gallery technician) after it he worried that for some reason he’d just turned into a miserable lazy sod who for some reason couldn’t be bothered any more. So you can see how you might be in a similar situation.

    I would say if the doctors have checked you out for everything else (that is a REALLY IMPORTANT BIT that MDs/GPs have seen you about it) as they did with me – they had to eliminate a number of other possibilities first. But once they do that unnerving thing of telling you you are perfectly well even though you still feel terrible and you still have the symptoms and the history then you stand a very good chance that candidiasis is your demon. The quiz in the back of the book is pretty accurate I think.

    If you want a more confirmation you might be able to get referred to an NHS nutritionalist, they do have them and they are far more likely to recognise and understand candida overgrowth, I was diagnosed by one myself. Admittedly there’s a good chance they will probably confirm what you already suspect, but may also highlight other possible issues and be able to offer more support. For me they just said to avoid sugars and white flour etc, which with what i know now wouldn’t have been enough to sort me out.

    However I went away and read up everything I could and given all the candida titles on the market erica seemed most positive, most based on case studies and experience and most realistic. There were a couple of other interesting ones but they made ericas restrictions look like a bohemian indulgent holiday camp, they asked an effort in dietary control that even a healthy normal person would struggle to deal with let alone someone with candida problems.

    In my experience the erica white plan whilst taking a little adjusting is actually very enjoyable, suits a range of food tastes and really does make for a healthier happier life. For me the recognition that you really are limited at your worst but that things gradually improve as you move towards thriving. I found going back and rereading those first few chapters very useful too,
    reminding myself every now and again that it’s something else which wants the cheese, not me.

    Very best of luck in getting clean and healthy, in some ways if you beat it quickly you might be quite lucky being fairly young in that it may give you a stronger connection to your food.

  33. Lucy sweetie, Dont touch this diet. Its way too extreme and doesnt take into account about health, nutrition and all the various froms of toxins which is vital, particularly in your case. While thrush is just a sign of Candida overgrowth at its worse, the kidney infection, pnemonia, tiredness (even your mum’s M.E) are all serious warning signs that you need to change your diet, body products, domestic products, your water etc. It is not necessary to have to be treating Candida for long. It can be successfully treated in 1-4 weeks if you follow the Systemic Cleanse in Natalia Rose’s “Detox For Women” book. A month’s supply of Candex is the ultimate anti-candida supplement and can be purchased cheaper by iherb. Check out the reviews on You need to look into the fast growing, successful world of “raw food” and really explore that area. Your immune system is under threat and this is all due to toxic overload in your body. This is why you were getting all these illnesses and reacting so quickly to the antibiotics, which were suppressing your already weak and stressed immune system. I think Natalia Rose would be a really good start and introduction to this exciting new world, as well as Candida. Candida is just one part of it. I wish you lots of love and good health 🙂 xx

  34. I agree about looking at toxins from elsewhere, I’m pretty certain Lucy’ll know that if she’s been reading the Erica White book too.

    Have you read the Erica White book yourself? The diet above is a just a small part of it, and it doesn’t push one particular herbal remedy but suggests the different alternatives which work for different people eg: caprylic acid, citricidal etc. It also talks about cleansing your environment, eating habits and attitude, reducing stress and getting better sleep, sufficient clean water etc and supporting your system with appropriate supplements as well as balanced nutrition so I’m really not sure where your accusations against it come from.

    Maybe you should be levelling them at Erica directly so she can answer your concerns, that and sending it to the publishers rather than criticising something which has worked well for a number of people when they say it worked and they like it.

  35. Again I should point out that i have absolutely no connection with erica white or her nutritionalist consultancy, except that i used her 4 point plan and it worked and have recommended it to many many other friends who have also found it useful. I also found it invaluable in becoming generally more healthy as well as beating the candida.

  36. Lucy, if I were you I would type in Erica White’s Candida cookbook on Amazon. com (US) and also Natalia Rose’s Detox For Women, check out the reviews on both and see for yourself. You will see what I mean about Erica’s method 🙂
    Jo sweetie, I am not accusing but simply stating. Yes, I do know about Erica’s method. Perhaps you need to stop critisizing me here, feeling you need to defend yourself as if it is something personal… as I am simply trying to help others too and with a fresh new approach that really works by a top nutritionist that has successfully helped celebrities, athletes and hundreds of people with Candida and all sorts of various other complaints. Like I said before, Candida is just one part of it. 🙂

  37. >Perhaps you need to stop critisizing me here, feeling you need to defend >yourself as if it is something personal…

    I think it was the way you came straight in with extreme accusations that criticising myself and the system that has worked very well for me and others which bothered me.

    >This diet is very dangerous and the person who has written it is totally >irresposible and doesnt have a clue.

    I have no problem with your offering enhanced alternatives but your extreme polarised criticism of the Erica White system, (which does suggest balanced diet, has an eye to sensible nutritional needs – it’s one of the 4 points of the 4 point plan, and has worked for numerous people and hasn’t as you suggest made them depressed and caused weight gain – just the opposite in some cases) is unnecessary and really not very positive or helpful to anyone.

    Surely the more informed people are the better, if they read both books and make their own choices that is great, however I will still stand by my recommendation of EW being very useful for some of us. Which is more than this infighting is really.

    Can we possibly agree to disagree on how useful Erica is and simply suggest your favorite publication as an additional alternative without having to scare monger/libel about the original inspiration for the initial post please?


  38. I am sorry Jo but I feel this diet IS potentially dangerous. It is one little 160 page book out of many, dated back in 1999, has made some people really ill from it, and I do not agree it to be safe enough to recommend it to others in 2010. It is too extreme and also now, along with many other old books naturally out of date with its nutritional facts. I am sorry Jo, but just like you I have a right to “critisize” or rather express my own view here. I think you are right that I could have been less blunt with my wording though – I apologise for that and hope you can forgive me. Best wishes xx

  39. If the amount of Candida in your body is fine until you start taking antibiotics, gaining weight, eating an unhealthy diet, etc and then it grows out of whack, then wouldn’t just getting it down back to a normal level do the trick? Everyone has Candida and them eating a candybar isn’t going to give them Candida overgrowth. So if YOUR Candida was out of control but is now back down to a normal level like these people’s then why would eating one candybar give you symptoms again? Obviously because you still have yeast overgrowth. Obviously it’s not really going away and this diet isn’t killing the Candida. A lot of these people who think they have Candida just have food allergies. You can have wheat allergies, dairy allergies, coffee allergies, etc. It doesn’t mean you have Candida. I get how a diet can CONTROL the Candida (even though a lot of people become more sick on it than they were before it) but it cannot get RID of Candida. All of these sites for the Candida diet says that it gets rid of Candida and clearly, it doesn’t.

  40. The damage done to your healthy gut flora by the candida overgrowth makes you succeptible to a reflourishing of the candida if you start filling yourself with food for it before you’ve repopulated the good guys.
    It takes time to gently kill off the candida and repopulate.
    If you want an instant fix where you take a pill and after a week it’s all okay and you can go back to eating junk food then this absolutely isn’t going to meet those criteria.

  41. I am sensitive/allergic to wheat and grains (and not just gluten but wheat sugars too), large citrus, deadly nightshade family ( potato, tomato, peppers, aubergines etc) peanuts, cashew, sesame, coffee -that i know of ( from doing an elimination diet about 8 years ago. Also severely allergic to penicillin and mouldy atmospheres. I am getting my amalgams removed ( 3 done about a month and a half ago, more to go yet). I have had fatigue since 1976 and eventually found I benefitted from thyroid supplementation in about 2005 ( though GP disagrees!). I muddle along.
    About 3 weeks ago the texture in my mouth changed and feels like I’ve just woken up with a mouthful of old gorgonzola! No smooth gums, and cleaning ineffective. Nothing to see though, though tongue a little whitish maybe. Dry furry feeling advanced down my throat, I became husky and now I feel a hot radiating something in my chest. I think it’s my lungs, but I suppose it could be the oesophagus, but there is a little dry cough.
    Does that sound anything like candida?
    I’ve tried Threelac in the past, and MMS ( which cured a bad dose of flu in 18 hrs and gave me so much energy afterwards). I eat organically as much as possible (majority of my food) and try not to eat rubbish.

    A week before this started I made some delicious Kimchi, which I seeded with a good quality probiotic to start it off with good bacteria. All was well for a few days, and indeed it still smells good ( keeps for literally weeks in the fridge they tell me and the vegs don’t seem to oxidise or mulch) but I had some the day before this thing started. I’ve had the dry furry sensation before, but it always resolved.

    Glands aren’t up and otherwise I feel no worse than usual. ( Not saying much!)
    Any ideas gratefully received. I’m off to see the lady in Cambridgeshire I think! (link above)

  42. Could be, might be something else, the whole gamut of symptoms need addressing by a professional I’d say, given the likelihood of candida involvement I’d go to someone with a good reputation for sorting that out as well as generally being a good nutritionalist. I recently met someone who worked with erica white and very much rated her too, and I have found her book worked for me so I’d tend to go where i trust. After many many years of working with and healing people nutritionally she does now work online so is more accessible too…

    It does sound like symptoms you list could be caused or exacerbated by candida, it can make a real mess of your system, but not being medically trained all I can do is point you at people I believe are properly qualified to help (and are less likely to be dismissive than some GPs can be).

    Very best of luck,

  43. “Someone who cares” – I’m sure you mean well but you’re awfully abrasive sweetie. You say: “Cooking with any oil other than Organic butter is highly toxic.” In fact, olive oil contains oleic acid which which is retards candida’s development to the fungal stage and coconut oil is fantastic – extremely heat resistant and absolutely fatal to candida as I can absolutely testify from personal experience.

  44. Hi,
    Can you tell me why many sites are adamant that even wholegrain flour should not be eaten when on a candida-free diet? You say it’s ok – and I want to believe that; I love to make my own (yeast free) bread with organic self raising flour. I love vegetables and consume lots every day. But I’ve cut out so much, that I’m getting a bit fed up with it all! I’m vegan, and I guess I ought not eat tofu either?

  45. i can’t tell you why other sites say to avoid it.

    i know the erica white books says if it’s whole grain then it’s complex enough a carb not to be easily accessible to the yeast/candida.

    my guess would be the other sites think that wheat isn’t a natural product like spelt is because it’s been breed to be more fruitful and in the process has higher gluten levels which irritate those with problems with gluten and therefore in some peoples opinion wheat isn’t as nice a food as it could be so should be avoided. but you need to ask the ones which say it’s a problem why they think it’s a problem. i get the impression that it’s all very subjective now far along the “good food only” path you go. personally i found cutting out all the sugars and moulds and processed stuff enough work , though to be honest spelt flour and spelt pasta is fairly easily available nowadays so avoiding wheat isn’t so much of a nightmare anyway.

    I got better following the erica white guidance which allows wholegrains including wheat and rice and never had any noticable herxheimer reaction after eating them either so am fairly confident that to someone who is’t coeliac wholegrain flour is okay.

    be curious why other sites say it’s a no-no.

  46. I use brown sugar always because based on the studies moscovado is more healthy but not so sweet compare to the well process white sugar,
    it comes in two varity…The natural and artificial.
    And soft food like soya is rich in calcium,now a days you can buy flavored soya in the market with zero sugar.Also other form of soft food is yogurt,this is made from good bacteria called Lactobacilli.
    I love you article.
    Stay healthy…

  47. Just thought I would pass along my experience.
    I did the diet super strict for 3 weeks, then I added in beans every once in awhile. Within 3 weeks my Candida was as bad as it ever was!!! Desperate for an answer, I spoke to one of my doctors who said really it is about protein balancing the sugar in your system, as we do have sugar in our blood stream all the time. Also, probiotics. He put me on a probiotic bliss. For 10 days I took 3 probiotics 3 times a day. (I used a 14 probiotic strand supplement ) I was careful to eat plenty protein at every meal and for snacks. I’m thrilled to say that with in a months I don’t have candida issues!!! Here I am three months later and my diet needs aren’t running my life. Every once in a while I have noticed a little flare up, after I have allowed my self a meal of sugar producing foods with little to no protein. I find if I take 2-3 probiotics and eat a little protein, I’ m back to completely symptom free with in an hour or two.

  48. Can you please explain some of your statements to me.
    You say do not eat potatoes, but use lemon dressing on your baked potatoe???
    You say do not drink alcohol, but Vodka and Gin is ok???
    I really do not understand how you can write one thing and mean another, where is logic and the science?????

  49. If that’s addressed to me then…

    * the erica white plan says avoid all forms of alcohol – even if all the sugars have turned to alcohol it is still a toxic load on the system to be avoided.
    * the hospital handout sheet I was given said that gin and vodka are okay (reasoning being they are low enough in sugars and doesn’t take into account undermining the already weakened immune and the overloaded liver)
    * in practice we found that IF we were feeling fairly healthy generally then we could occassionally be okay with a shot of one or the other, never more than 2 shots. it happened about once every two or three months and I tended to notice a sluggish feeling if I had it any more frequently.
    Thus suggesting it is a matter of how healthy your system is as to whether this rule can be bent without causing setbacks in recovery.

    I don’t think I’ve ever said I don’t eat potatos since I know at no point in my life have I ever not eaten potatos.

    Incidentally this is not posted to tell you what to do – I supplied Goodness Direct with information from the much tested and effective Erica White diet in a version which was adapted to our personal taste as part of a discussion about what an anti candida diet may consist of as I had been buying specialist foods from them for some time and asking about ingredients labelling so I could verify stuff. It has never been about telling other people what they should eat, it’s about what we ate that worked for us based on Erica White’s 4 point plan to beat Candida which she tested on 1000s of clients in her nutritionalist practice.

    The logic and science is in Erica area – ask her if you need it, I’m just a happy guineapig who followed the plan.
    I went from sad, depressed, lethargic, overweight and ultimately hospitalised for a week, unable to eat anything, loosing a stone in a week, vomiting up even water because the candida had got so out of hand, and that after years of slowly crumbling health, to someone who followed Erica White’s plan and became a healthy, happy, on weight, bounding with energy person with few if any health issues.

  50. Hi All,

    I don’t usually respond to this things but I am in the same boat as many of you, so thought I would share my experience and knowledge.

    Quick bit of back ground on me. 33, bodybuilder, endurance cyclist and generally healthy guy, that was until about 3 years ago when things changed for me. I was training hard and then got an injury that prevented me from training, so took some time off. During that time I got a little lazy with my diet and as a result 3 years later i now struggle to train, I dont cycle anymore through lack of energy etc.

    I have been to the GP and they were no help, so went to a nutrionist, i was tested for Adrenal fatigue through a spit test, that came back OK, I had a coupel of blood tests for Thyroid disorder etc, they came back OK. After much more research it all came down to candida.

    Stick with me…

    So, diet changes, out went all the rubbish and back in came the bodybuilding diet, with a few additions. I have read so many of you saying you feel less energy when you start this diet. This is because you are swapping energy sources, you are going from carbs to protein, it takes a while for you body to adjust. STICK WITH IT! You will also benefit from not totally reducing carbs out of your diet, have a small amount (i have a small bowl of oats in the morning everyday). The rest of the diet is built up with protein and raw veg (i like veg raw). The lack of energy does pass, stick with it.

    I also had the REALLY BAD days and cravings, usually once or twice a week as the bad bacteria died off. Sometimes they were so bad i would have just one bowl of weetabix (it wont harm me i thought), that 1 bowl turned into 3 bowls of 5 weetabix at a time, you get the idea. Anyway, i beat these cravings and low points with coconut milk. It has a bit of sugar in it but nothing bad, carbs a little and good and bad fats but overall it’s a good anti oxidant and has worked a treat for me. Try it.

    Here is what worked for me, i hope you can adapt it and get better like I am:

    Breakfast: Oats in water, whey protein shake (natural whey by Reflex) plus multi vit, garlic tab, citrus tab, digestive enzyme, vit c.

    10.30 – chicken and lots of salad

    12.30 – chicken and salad – plus probiotic tablet

    2.30/3.00 – chicken and salad

    Dinner – Any meat with salad. plus multi vit, garlic tab, citrus tab, digestive enzyme tab, vit c tablet.

    Before bed: protein shake with flaxseed oil.

    I also add virgin coconut oil to herbal tea.
    Cravings – Coconut milk 100 ml with a scope of protein powder.
    Snacks – Natural popcorn – make it yourself. easy.
    Exercise – Key to recovery. (any type, 20 -30 mins) 2 -3 times a week.
    Sleep – I take 2 valerian tablets to help with relaxation. plus 2 magnesium tablets.
    Liquids – water (tap) 1.5 litre a day. green tea

    I’m have a bland palette so eating like this for me is easy, but for those of you who need some extra variation, then dont be afraid to be creative.

    I still suffer from candida abuse 🙂 but things are so much better now. I train again and I am putting things in place to take part in an 80 mile cycling race next year. Happy days!

    Good luck to you all, stick with your candida killing diet!

  51. I tried everything including that Erica White book which is like someone else rightly pointed out real rubbish and out of date. If something has been known to make people ill and at the very least deprived which is not what life is meant to be about it cannot be right so after a good long time of it I looked elsewhere. I tried other ways even alternative remedies too. Then I discovered the raw food diet. I found myself drawn to Alissa Cohen who had had Candida really bad and also Victoria Boutenko. I felt scared. I didnt think in a million years I would be able to do it and eat any fruit, raw honey, nuts, grains etc. and as much as I want! With the raw food diet if you do it 100% and make it fun you will beat the whole Candida problem, which like Max says is just something that needs rebalancing. I have seen everyone who follows a raw food diet doesnt have Candida anymore and like Cohen says it goes in just 2 weeks. But I am thinking of any people reading this who might not want to go all raw. There is some new discoveries being made and Victoria Boutenko seems to have made a major breakthrough in the area of health and nutrition, including the standard raw food diet – its GREEN SMOOTHIES! I have to say that her book Green For Life and her Greens Can Save Your Life DVD is amazing. It healed my candida in days! The smoothies are with fruit any fruit you want and they are yummy. I say this as even though Boutenko is a raw foodist and I am too and that green smoothies are the primary part of my diet and health, she has helped thousands of people and her smoothies are not just for raw foodists but meat-eaters, cooked, vegeatrians, anything. So I dont know if it will work if you carry on having cooked or something with the smoothies but its worth you trying. If those smoothies can heal nasty diseases then its worth trying and thye are so delicious. There is something really important I need to warn you about – ALL COOKED CARBOHYDRATES CHEMICALLY CHANGES TO SUCROSE – WHITE SUGAR (includes butternut squash, any vegetable, anything with carbs in, anything no matter what it is) which is highly addictive as well as causes diseases and Candida. I can say so much more but you got to see for yourself. I recommend you at least try the green smoothies and see how it goes. My Candida has gone and it was really bad with nothing else getting rid of it. I also feel amazing. My skin is reversing, hair is young and strong, nails very strong, no more mood swings, better sleep… it really does work and you can make it so you enjoy it and you feel good inside which is what life is all about. Good luck everyone

  52. Hi. After years and years of being diagnosed with lots of different things I cam across an article on candiditis. I think this is changing my life for good! I am on week 3 of the diet and am already feeling so much better! I was constantly ill, and was sick of being sick! Although I was a bread and biscuit kinda girl I’ve given up my ways for a better life and so far so good! There are days that I see my partner indulging in to a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst I eat ryvetta with cottage cheese and I do think mmm one biscuit won’t hurt. But.I don’t give in as one will always lead to another. Thank you so much for publishing this article on here its confirming the things I’m eating is correct and also added a few more foods to my diet :o). My question is though can I eat porridge??

    1. certainly the whole time my partner and I were following this diet oats were one of our key foods. of course the dairy milk is replaced with oatley or rice dream, and we tended to add ground flax seeds and i like sunflower seeds (my partner likes pumpkin seeds) and he doesn’t have the same dairy issues so has natural yoghurt on his too, but it’s one of the things erica white recommends in her book so we went with it and it really seemed to help. for me starting the day with oats gave me such a vast improvement in blood sugar stability that I think it was one of the key things that helped me – swapping toast with oats first thing. 🙂

  53. Interesting article, Jo. I have suffered from food intolerance-related issues for over 10 years now, undergone dozens of blood tests (and a gastroscopy), and been diagnosed with precisely nothing gastro-intestinal whatsoever. Although the internet is thick with miracle cures/diets, the more I read about Candida, the more convinced I become that it may be at the root of my health issues. In fact, i embarked on an Anti-Candida diet about a year ago, and it seemed to have some beneficial effects. However, I probably didn’t follow it quite strictly enough, and then completely lapsed six months or so ago. Now I am experiencing a return of symptoms, particularly a flare-up in my Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, and the usual disorientation, head-spinning and brain-fog, particularly after eating.

    I have read in other places that tomatoes should be off the menu for an Anti-Candida diet. If they are safe to eat, that is good news for me, as my diet is severely restricted already. This brings me to another point. The diet you outline above would be tricky for me to follow, as the following are off the menu for me (see food intolerances, mentioned above): gluten; pork; oily fish; shellfish; and onions. Coupled with this is the omnipresent worry that affects all people with food intolerances due to a sensitive digestive tract: to over-eat a limited number of foods inevitably results in the development of additional intolerances. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi there,

      Personally the best recommendation I could make is to contact Erica White, she is a fully qualified nutritionalist with many many years of experience of consulting, specifically with regard to candidiasis.
      It’s a slightly tweaked version of the eating plan she recommends in her book which has ended up being posted here as what my partner and I used to get clean and healthy.

      If I remember rightly erica says that although there are small amounts of sugar in tomatos, their being fruits, that they have so much other value that they are worth eating most days if you can.

      I know what you mean about restricted diets leaving you more sensitive and cycling foods and not getting into default ruts is something that takes effort, which is the last thing you feel like when you’re not well… i just did the best i could, and tried to open up to new foods I hadn’t considered which were okay.

      Whenever my partner or I have had skin problems we’ve tried something a chap in a health food shop recommended – molkosan. It’s lacto fermented whey, sold for drinking but either slightly dilute or neat it seems to do wonders with clearing up any issues on the surface of the skin when applied directly. If the skin is broken or really sore I’d go for dilute as it’s going to sting. It cleared my partners persistant sinusitus too by inhaling some, but I’d seriously not recommend that as I gave it a go and it felt like my face was burning off. However that warning given, if the dermatitus is fungal based it might well help since it would appear to be great at repopulating skin with stuff that fights the fungus. It’s a bit like using topical applications of yoghurt to deal with thrush, but without the fat content to go rancid. True it can feel a bit sticky but we found it worth it. We used to keep a plant mister of it in the fridge. 🙂

      Only other thought off the top of my head is that my brain fug used to be at it’s worst for us if we didn’t have a balance of omega oils. My partner went from veggie to fish eating and I started taking supplements and we both saw a marked improvement, whether or not your issues with oily fish are leaving you short on omega oils or imbalanced is something else that a properly qualified nutritionalist could address and check out.

      Really it sounds like you could do with support from someone with training and experience, beyond just their own anecdotal reports, which is all I have. The nutrition help web site will do consultations online and as you’ll see is heavily weighted to dealing with candida issues … and no, i have nothing to gain from recommending them. Just i know they are reputable and have a successful positive approach to helping people overcome candida.

  54. not helpful at all. looking through this list, there’s *nothing* in my house that i can eat. this article is targeted at the “health nut” that has the time, and the inclination to make their life all about finding and preparing special foods.

    it’d be nice to see an article like this targeted at the average person. for example, how about a rating each food so we know how bad it is? i.e., i’m sure eating a bowl of ice cream is worse than an apple. i can avoid desserts but the idea that i can no longer have any fruit of any kind is out of the question.

    1. When I first got ill and the NHS nutritionist diagnosed candida there were a whole bunch of junk foods I had to give up too, it’s not nice but it gives you a new perspective on how much junk is in how much of our food and how little we notice it. In most people it is in large part the junk filled western diet which lets the candida get out of hand in the first place so if you actually are suffering from candida, and really do have nothing in your house which is on diet then it’s more than likely that selection of food that has brought you to have health problems in the first place. Sure we don’t always think of it as junk food if it isn’t battered and deep fried but a lot of it is.

      At first glance it might look restrictive but if you already have basic healthy eating habits and you understand that ready meals are not really that much like healthy eating then it’s actually not that much of an adjustment. Certainly less than it seems on first reading.

      Our diet with this is predominantly fish, eggs and vegetables, nothing special foods about that. If you are a meat eater you can add that to your list, just not over processed meat with additives or that which is in sugary/dairy sauces.

      A lot of the time it’s minor adjustments: for example we eat pasta, just we make it wholegrain – which you can buy in all the main supermarkets, no special hunting around needed there. Sure you often have to make your own pasta sauce because most of the bought ones have lots of sugar and vinegar added, but that’s just normal healthy eating, avoiding the added sugar where it isn’t needed and making a pasta sauce is pretty damned simple – chop and fry and onion and add some olive oil and chopped tomatoes. Chuck in other stuff if you want. No special dedicating your life to it, and it takes 15 minutes which isn’t much time to give yourself in order to eat well, it’s just not an instant ready meal.

      It does however mean you can’t eat junk food coated in breadcrumbs and fillers or ready meals filled with sugar and dairy. That’s not normal healthy eating though to live off them, sure in a healthy diet you can still eat them once in a while, but they are not good food, just once in a blue moon won’t make you ill. In many cases eating them too often is what has made people ill and this is about combatting illness so you just can’t have that once in a while option until you’re better again.

      So if you have lived on ready meals before then yes, you do have to adjust to cooking food for yourself which is something many people seem to have forgotten is actually the more common measure of normal. It all depends on what you think of as normal though. Normal people have to allow a bit of time to cook their meals.

      As for the specialist foods you do want – like the cheese free pesto sauce from Sunita which is excellent, on diet and quite common. Since the article is on the web site for “Goodness Direct” which is itself a company which specialises in supplying specialist foods many of which are ideal for healthy eating on this diet, so you don’t have to make your life about looking for it, you’re already here already.

      If your house really does have absolutely NOTHING anywhere that is acceptable on the list I strongly suggest if you want to improve your diet and health that you start by looking at eating a healthy diet which includes vegetables and fish and eggs before you even get into worrying about candida. Start with eating a balanced healthy diet and then if you still have health problems see a nutritionalist (you can see them on the NHS if you have digestive problems – just ask your GP) and see if they really think you need to worry about candida. After all vegetables, fish and eggs are definitely considered normal food by most people and are perfectly acceptable on this diet and if your normal diet doesn’t include them, or only includes fish in batter or frozen vegetables in cream sauce, then you probably already have a source of your health issues.

      As for preparing meals from scratch – it’s not really in “health nut” territory, it just normal healthy eating practices.

      If you still want to see the article on how to eat healthily for “normal people” then i suggest you write it. These were my notes on the healthy eating which I broke down from the Erica White book which helped bring me and my partner into good health. I was asked to share them by the people at goodness direct because I had mailed them asking them for ingredient details to fit with an anti candida diet. I’m sorry that you find them so useless and that you feel it’s not for you, but i assure you I didn’t start out as a health nut, and generally wouldn’t count myself as one now that i’m healthy again. Sure it’s a restrictive diet, but when eating something makes you ill it only takes a basic logic to work out that the smart thing to do is to not eat it.

      A few mentally imbalanced cases apart I think what you’ll find is that most of the people you see as health nuts are perfectly normal people who have developed health problems as a result of dietary issues (like thinking ready meals are actually proper healthy eating) and have had to adapt their diet to a selection like this in order to get well again.

      We are not nuts, we have just had to learn that sometimes if you want the food you are eating to stop messing up your health you have to put a bit more effort into paying attention to what you eat and how it is prepared, and that usually means preparing it yourself and not eating the things which have made you ill in the past.

      So thanks for calling me a nut, but no thanks, I’m just healthier than I used to be and was asked to share how, as it is I didn’t realise the list was going for publication in the first place and certainly didn’t expect to get called names by strangers for sharing how I got healthy.

      If you want to actually understand what this list is about then get Erica’s book out of the library.

      Alternatively if you really want to just know about healthy eating for normal people then there are free training courses you can do at places like the link below which will help with the basic grounding in what is and isn’t healthy and normal.

  55. I´ve eaten grapefruits and red berries 3 times a week and they haven´t caused any harm. Okay,do not eat bananas,but low sugar fruits don´t cause Candida I think…For me it was definitely the sugar. I´ve cut out all the sweets,I´ve lost 5 kilogramms in 2 weeks and my Candida is also better….

    1. if the candida is there then sugar will feed it, lower levels of sugar will just cause less of a bloom and therefore less discomfort. this post is about using the erica white method of clearing candida, if you read her book she will explain that small levels of sugar will still feed small levels of candida and perpetuate the issues.
      If you feel good eating the fruit that’s nice for you, but it’s not what is recommended in the plan that this post is about.

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