Quebra Pedra (Stone) Breaking News…

New research at the University of Modena in Italy has confirmed some of the positive benefits of the herb Phyllanthus niruri, known in Brazil as Quebra Pedra ‘the stone breaker’ – and also widely known under its Spanish name of Chanca Piedra.
Used by generations of South Americans to treat renal calculi – Kidney and Gall stones, this wonderful herb is free from side effects and interactions, and can be safely used alongside other therapies.

Kidney and Gall stones are estimated to effect around 5% of the UK population, with recurrences common among patients (50-80%). It is widely believed that a diet high in animal fats is part of the explanation for this, but dietary changes alone, although certainly helpful, are not the whole answer.

The conventional approach to removal of stones usually involves shattering the stone using ESWL (Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy) – but this often leaves residual fragments which often require the treatment to be repeated.

The new research, published in the medical journal ‘European Urology Supplements’ earlier this year, assessed the benefit of taking an extract of Quebra Pedra following ESWL treatment. After six months the stone free rate in those treated with just ESWL was 80% – but for the patients taking Quebra Pedra during their recovery, the stone free rate was 97%. Concerning lower caliceal stones the stone free rate of those using the herb was 94.1% versus 64.28% among those who just had ESWL.

The conclusion of the researchers was simple – the use of the Quebra Pedra extract results in an increased stone free rate and in a lower percentage of re-treatment. They concluded that its efficacy “together with the absolute lacking of side effects make this therapy suitable to improve overall outcomes of ureteral stones shock wave lithotripsy.”

Recent research has also confirmed the liver protective potential of the herb, and its antispasmodic activity has also been documented.3 In Brazil, where much of the research has taken place – the Quebra Pedra infusions are used for the removal and prevention of stones as an alternative to the use of ESWL – and it is also widely used for Urinary tract infections.

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13 thoughts on “Quebra Pedra (Stone) Breaking News…

  1. Can anyone tell me personally that this stuff works? If so, please do. If you tried it and had no benefit, please tell me that also. You know often the terrible pain of a stone can come and go and I think a lot of people who buy this product and then take it about the time the pain would have subsided anyway and they think the herb responsible for the change. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  2. We came across this on the net and as husband has suffered recurrent stones gave it a try (though not before we had tried and failed with the lemon and olive oil remedy).
    These capsules are nothing short of miraculous for the kidney stone sufferer. It only took about 48 hours before they bought about relief (and he stopped crawling up the walls because of the pain).
    He took them at the prescribed dose for about a month and is pretty well symptom-free, but if the problem seems to be recurring, taking the capsules for a day or two is enough to see it off.
    One of our employees has a similar problem and is awaiting a hospital appointment – having tried some of husbands capsules he found a marked improvement within 24 hours.

  3. I was recommended this product in a Tea Bag form and I can truthfully say I had near immediate results as did the friend you told me about it. I can only speak for my self but if I suffered another bout of this awful complaint I would not hesatate to “Brew up again” it was a blessing. Jody

  4. A friend recommended the tea to me some 6 months ago. They had success using it for gall stones which disappeared within 6 weeks of using. I have autoimmune disease and had a small sac of kidney stones and an abcess on my kidney. After using the tea for 8 weeks 3 or 4 times a days a CT scan revealed my kidneys were healthy and no stones present….they sent me for another scan which confirmed this. I had not bee using any other medication to relieve the symptoms.

  5. cranberry pure concentrate helps with infections but this brazillian infusion is a god sent to me. mother nature one again has it all. i am stone free

  6. I have been drinking the tea now for a couple of months, 3 times a day for the first 2/3 weeks then at least 1 cup per day.
    The pain has gone and I have passed one partially dissolved stone I dont know if its coincidence but I am going to keep taking it.

  7. Over twenty years ago I was advised to take this .The pain from the gall stones was horrific.After 6 weeks I was pain free, and clear of stones.My youngest daughter 2 years ago was in dreadful pain from gall stones I told her to take the tea bags .(she actually went into hospital 3 times for morphine as the pain was so bad) after two months she had no op and no stones.
    My eldest daughter had it this year.She was due to have her gall bladder removed.We both begged her to defer the op.She did and glad to say she has never needed to have it.completely clear.Reccomend the tea bags to anyone.Plus we all take one tea bag on a daily basis now.

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