The sun, friend and foe

I went walking in Derbyshire yesterday. Mam Torr, do you know it?

Its quite a decent walk for a day off, something like 1600ft overlooking Hope and Edale valleys, really lovely and the fact that there used to be an old iron age fort on the top makes “shivering mountain” it all the more fascinating.

It was really sunny, so I covered myself with sun protection wherever I thought necessary. the cool breeze constantly blowing as we climbed the ridge and I certainly didn’t feel as though I was catching the sun. Ooooh but by last night I had red streaks where I hadn’t put the sun protection on well enough., and my calves! I never catch the sun on my calves!

I hadn’t really got anything at home to sooth my soreness, but I do have an Aloe Vera plant. Yep you’ve guessed it. I broke a whole leaf off and smeared the goo over my sore legs and arms. The aloe leaf is said to contain over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids, and 12 vitamins – so watch this space. By this morning the sore red bits have really calmed down, and for such soothing power I don’t even mind looking a little like a green alien as I apply a little more greenish goo.

No wonder this stuff is used as a base for so many fantastic products.


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