Morality bites

Mustering some sympathy for the bedeviled ham and beef

Could you kill your own dinner?
“What I feared most was the screaming. Desperate cries from a freaked-out pig might ruin bacon for me forever. I’d spent the previous two days hanging out with happy hogs at the idyllic Newman Farm on the ArkansasMissouri border. I watched them trot around the fields, wag their curly tails and flop in pools of mud. I even held one in my hands when it was only a few hours old. But here I’d come, five hours across Missouri to Trimble, just outside Kansas City, Mo., to witness the other end of a pig’s life cycle. Comfortingly, the place was called Paradise Meat Locker. So why was I here? I asked myself the same question as I nervously pulled on shoe guards, tucked my hair in a shower cap and snapped up my lab coat right outside the kill floor door. I didn’t want to see a pig get killed. Heck, I don’t think anyone does.”

Morality Bites

2 thoughts on “Morality bites

  1. Hi this isn’t a comment on your blog but I wanted a way to ask a question. As well as being a customer, I am developing my own nutrition blog and wondered if you have an affilitate programme – I am UK based and would like to be able to direct readers to a source that I buy from.

    I found your article interesting by the way, as a long time vegetarian (though I now eat small amount of chicken and fish) I’ve often toyed with the idea that if you can’t kill it you shouldn’t eat it – I’m not sure I necessarily agree with it but wouldn’t want to see an animal slaughtered either, especially a pig as they’re supposedly quite bright, know whats happening to them and fight a lot.

  2. Julie – yes, we do have an affiliate scheme. If you contact me at justin.fleming at, I will send you the details.

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