Wedding Countdown Diet – book to give away

A signed, Gillian McKeith Wedding Countdown Diet – book to give away

Gillian McKeith has written a beautiful book, that shows you how to look and feel amazing on your big day – ‘The Wedding Countdown Diet‘, and we have just one signed copy to give away. The book is exquisite with beautiful images and illustrations. The countdown plan includes a weight loss plan, a beauty plan, an energy plan, and includes fabulous recipe ideas. You can be sure, as with all Gillian does, that the recipes are a little different, the advice sound and all of it is straight to the point. It is a great book if you are planning your big day or a great gift for someone you know who is planning ahead too. To enter the prize draw to win the Wedding Countdown Diet just email putting wedding in the subject. I’ll make the draw on 23.04.08, UK ONLY.

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Beware of artificial colourings

From newsletter 149:

Children’s IQ may be lowered by artificial colourings the media reported this week. As a result of this find, artificial colourings could be removed from hundreds of food products. For some of us it’s not news that some ‘E’ numbers have adverse effects on our children, from full blown hyperactivity aggravation to stimulating irritability but this new report is rather more distressing. Researchers found that these ‘E’ numbers may be almost as harmful as leaded petrol. To read more subscribe to newsletter.

Odd ways to keep healthy

Daily Mail: Some unusual ways to go for a healthy lifestyle.
A good list of some more interesting ways to get healthy.

Here’s a summary:

  • Brush your teeth while standing on one leg till you wobble, then change legs to improved balance, posture and strengthen back.
  • Keep a mirror on your desk. Giving a quick glance shows you your posture.
  • Eat cereal before bed to avoid headaches.
    Lack of food means our bodies drain our resources which could trigger migraines and headaches.
  • Take antihistamines on outings for insect bites.
  • Brush teeth before breakfast since bacteria and plaque formed on teeth while we sleep will multiply on the sugar or acid in breakfast increasing the risk of tooth decay.
  • Wear sunblock everyday – even in winter – SPF of 15 to 20. Increase to SPF 30 or 40 in summer even if it’s not sunny to avoid skin damage.
  • Wear ear-plugs when mowing the lawn since regular, high decibel noise can damage hearing.
  • Walking for 40 minutes a day is highly beneficial for cardiovascular health and can reduce blood pressure. Ditch the car altogether or leave your keys at work a few times a week to force you to walk.
  • Work only the hours you are paid to.
    Working extra eats into leisure time, adding pressure and more stress. Keep work to work hours and try swimming or cycling to relieve other anxiety.
  • Drink a probiotic everyday to keep a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria. Make sure it’s a LIVE bacteria probiotic.
  • When buying fruit and veg, always buy different or new types exposing you to a wider range of micronutrients, essential for good health.
  • Open a window at bedtime. Body temperature needs to drop for us to sleep. Ideal temperature is 16c.

Original Health Soap to give away

Original Health Soap to give away

Original Health Soap is used in the same way as other soap, but has been found to be beneficial for sufferers of Acne, Psoriasis, Contract Dermatitis, Eczema, Athlete’s Foot, Cradle Cap and a range of other fungal and dry skin conditions. We used to sell it but have delisted it. It is good stuff and I have a small supply to give away. Just send me an e-mail to , putting HealthSoap in the subject line, with a UK address to send it to and it will be yours (while stocks last).

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