Go Vegan – say no to heart-attacks and arthritis

Daily Mail: A gluten-free, vegan diet could work wonders in keeping you healthy.
Lowering levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol by avoiding all animal products also boosts the bodies’ natural antibodies which together could lower the risk of heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

“Doctors at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm gave 30 patients with rheumatoid arthritis a vegan an gluten-free diet and 28 a non-vegan diet for at least three months.

The vegan diet contained vegetables, root vegetables, nuts, fruits, buckwheat, millet, corn, rice and sunflower seeds and omitted gluten – which can be found in a wide range of products including cakes, biscuits, pasta, beer and bread. The non-vegan diet was made up from all food groups.”

Results showed a decrease in cholesterol and “bad” cholesterol LDL, an increase in antibodies, and a reduction in Body Mass Index.

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One thought on “Go Vegan – say no to heart-attacks and arthritis

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