Two fizzy drinks a day ‘can give you gout’

According to the Daily Mail, drinking fizzy can expose you to a higher risk of gout..

Fizzy drinks can dramatically increase the risk of gout, it is claimed.

As sales plummet over other health concerns, scientists revealed yesterday that carbonated drinks are behind a rise in the painful joint condition.

Gout, which affects 600,000 people in Britain, was once known as “the disease of kings” because only the very wealthy could afford quantities of alcohol usually associated with it.

A study of more than 46,000 men found those who had two or more cans a day were 85 per cent more likely to get gout compared to those who had one a month or less.

The risk also significantly increased among those who drank five to six a week, according to findings published online by the British Medical Journal.

Gout generally involves very severe attacks of joint pain followed by long periods of remission.

The condition is caused by the formation of urate crystals, formed by too much uric acid, within joints and other tissues.

Apparently, “The news comes as a report revealed Britons are rejecting fizzy drinks. Market analysts Datamonitor says the amount of fizzy drinks consumed will fall from 61 per cent of all cold, soft drinks to 50 per cent over three years.”

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