How to Detox

The Telegraph advises on How to Detox, below is a quick summary:

Look Before You Leap – Keep an honest food diary for two weeks beforehand. Noting what you eat and how you feel afterwards – tired, bloated, still hungry or craving sugar half an hour later.

Spread it Out – A hard-core, no-food weekend will do you no good – gradual, natural detox over four weeks is far more effective.

Cut Out the Culprits – Cut out processed foods, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. Try eliminating wheat for the four weeks, too.

Balance Your Food Groups – Incorporate carbohydrate, protein and fat into every meal. Aim for equal proportions of complex carbohydrates and lean protein. A probiotic, such as Biocare, to nourish your system.

Don’t Fear Fat – Fat does not make you fat and is vital. Try swapping cooking fats for coconut oil – one of the purest fats.

Opt for Organic – Pesticides and chemicals have to be broken down by your liver, so choose organic.
Organic is more expensive but processed foods contain less nutrients anyway.

Skin Deep – Use natural skincare products; I love the Living Nature range, which is made with manuka honey. Dry body-brush to shift dead skin cells, clear pores and boost circulation.

Linzi Boyd

See also GoodnessDirect Detox range.

One thought on “How to Detox

  1. It indicates the importance of maintaining a healthy diet in our daily life which is being lacking in our modern man’s life.It gives description of some of the food items and asks about the results of including them in our diet….
    james blake

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