DAILY constipation

Today’s Daily Mail (18 Dec 2007) gave GoodnessDirect a mention in an article which asks the question:

“I suffer from bad constipation and would be grateful if you could advise what food I should avoid. I had a stroke about ten years ago but don’t know if that’s relevant.”

Read the full article for a good, balanced response on possible remedies which includes the following advice:

“Although cereal fibres are generally best for constipation, there are some particularly laxative fruits, such as prunes with yoghurt, figs and dried apricots.

You can buy prune and fig spreads (from health food stores, supermarkets or websites such as www.goodnessdirect.com) to have on wholegrain toast, or add prune juice to fresh orange juice.”

Alternative remedies to relieve constipation (part of Daily Mail’s “Microwave your sprouts – it’s healthier” article)

See also our Stomach and Digestion section which features a collection of products traditionally used to help some of the many conditions associated with digestion, stomach or bowel discomforts.

Losing weight with lemons

In a new book, it is suggested that we may find it hard to drop excess weight because our digestive systems are simply not working properly. Lemons help boost digestion and, coupled with a healthy diet, could help you lose weight.

Lemons, both juice and skin, stimulate stomach acid as they have the highest concentration of citric acid found in fruit.

Lose weight for Christmas with the Lemon Juice Diet | the Daily Mail

Organic Lemons from Goodness Direct