Alzheimer’s mercury link

My Gran had Alzheimers for many years. It stripped her of life and dignity.

When I hear people ‘in the know’ put forward possible ways to reduce the development of Alzheimers or even prevent it, I for one want to take such comments extremely seriously.

And yet it seems more likey to be shrugged of by the Ministry of Health and the Dental Industry. Surely for such things we should have a ‘try it and see approach’ rather than a ‘don’t go there unless it has been proven 100x over’ approach? Some suggestions are so simple – like ‘avoid mercury and transfats‘ – so simple, with consequences to our everyday life yes, but so simple. Take a look at this video and then tell me we shouldn’t believe all we hear about amalgam!

3 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s mercury link

  1. My mother had Alzheimer’s for over ten years, she died a horrible death at 76. All her life she cooked with aluminium sausecepans, and she did not eat fish. It’s nothing to do with fish or mercury – its aluminium. The body usually can disperse this metal into our waste but in some people it gets stored in the brain. She used suffer with migraines a lot too. Since I started to use stainless steel saucepans about four years ago I have noticed a marked difference in the way I feel – I rarely get migraines now. Interestingly I have black fillings. I recently had an MRI scan which showed a white mark in my brain, this the doctors ignored as it was not a dark shadow (looking for cancer.) My mother also had this white mark when she had an MRI scan done twenty years ago so what is it? Is this the early sign of Alzheimer’s?

  2. What about timerasol (cant spell) which is a mercury derivative and included in some if not all u.k innoculation injections-no proof but that does not mean it is safe.
    I beleive these and others interfere with the brains chemicle response not just in alzheimers.

  3. i have read about the studies and investigations into the mercury used in inoculations, but as I couldn’t find any conclusive evidence I omitted it from my comments here.

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