Organic facts about organic cows

Yeo Valley is an organic dairy farm in Somerset.

I’m so impressed with their whole way of doing things that I’d like to introduce them to you. Roger and Mary Mead, the founders began making and selling yogurt in 1974 from the farm gate. It takes 2 years for a farm to convert to organic, and it was not until 1993 that Yeo Valley Farm started to produce organic produce.

They now have a wonderful range, no frills. just excellent basic organic products: Fresh organic milk, full fat and semi skimmed, smooth & creamy natural organic yogurt either whole milk or fat free. Both of these have specially selected BIO cultures and the fat free has only 0.1g of fat per 100g. Both are no added sugar. Next on the shopping list is Creme fraiche, which has only half the fat content of traditional varieties with no compromise on taste and texture, and ready grated organic mature cheddar. The vanilla ice cream is really creamy, and of coarse has organic vanilla.

A few organic facts about organic cows

Just a few organic facts to remember, organic cows are grass fed with additional organic cereals in the winter. Organic farming does not allow the routine use of antibiotics for the animals as are used in conventional farming. Pesticides are not used on the land, but natural predators are encouraged so that pests are destroyed in a more natural manner. Compost and manure are used on the soil replacing the nutrients that have been used to grow crops and grass, no artificial fertilisers are used at all. There are generally no chemical growth enhancers, feeds, fertilisers or pesticides so there is less chemical contamination of any water.

Eat organic, save the planet! Well, we can have a go can’t we?

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