Foods to eat in winter to beat the winter blues

Christmas is over and there has been a general “low” ebb around in the moods of me and my friends. Has it affected you too? Of course we don’t want to turn to the normal mood foods like chocolate, or carbs like macaroni cheese or mashed spuds at every sigh. I’ve discovered there are other foods which are effective in altering our brain chemistry to help combat this mild ‘dark days’ depression.

It is known that fish oil, which contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and people battling depression have been seen to have low levels of a type of the fatty acid EPA. Fish oil tastes too horrific for some, if that is you, you could turn to walnuts and flax seeds.

Brown rice is another winner. It contains B vitamins B1, B3 and folic acid all of which help regulate mood. It has the advantage of being low on the GL (Glycemic Load) listing, (see previous posting) and so helps prevent blood sugar swings and the mood swings that often accompany them.

Brown rice is a mile away from the instant white rices we get too used to, this is the real McCoy, rice with a bite. It needs cooking for up to 40 mins depending on quantity etc, but is well worth it.

If food is not your thing you can try our new daylight bulbs at only a fraction of the cost of a SAD light. Then again you could try both for good measure.

Here’s to lighter days.