When is a soap not a soap? When it’s a soapod

Soapods are a revolutionary new product. They are 100% natural and work as a detergent in washing clothes. Soapods are nuts harvested from the Soapnut tree native to India and Nepal. This really isn’t an April fools joke! Honestly, the Nepalese have been using soapods for centuries as a washing detergent.

There are several advantages to using the soapods: they reduce colour fading; they act as a fabric softener and there is no need to add any further softener to your wash. They are 100% natural and environmentally sound – no chemicals whatsoever. Plus this little industry brings much needed work to the Nepalese. The soapnuts come in 3 sizes, 190g bags (£4.95), 500g bags (£10.50) or 1kg bags (£19.95). You need 6-8 nuts per wash, and each handful will last 3 washes. You have to put the nuts in a cotton bag supplied, bash them with a rolling pin and pop in the wash. Save the bag and use for 3 washes, then compost the nuts and reuse the bag – hey presto – an environmental revolution.

I have been asked how they cope with nappies or rugby socks? The best advice from those who know, is that you will need to add a little Ecover fabric bleach to the really heavily soiled washes, but otherwise those who have tried them are totally converted. Fantastic for those with septic tanks of course.


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