A sunny warning

Another entry for the Sunsafe prize draw was this sunny warning from Sebastian Achaibou who talks good sense, sound advice indeed, so take a walk without the shades and feel better for it…

With the invention of new technology, we are all spending more time
indoors and out of the sun. We all should try to have one hour of
sunshine a day.

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. the sun is the strongest. This
is the time you should try to get outside in the winter. In the
summer, you should be careful of your time outdoors in order to avoid
sunburn. Sunburn, not sun exposure, can cause skin cancer. Noontime
sun (for people in climates that are not tropical or subtropical) is
the best. You just need to exercise caution with your exposure.

Sunlight into your retina is also a very important nutrient. You will
get the full benefits if you do not obstruct the light with glasses or

Make sure you understand the risks of sun cancer versus your sunlight
needs. Of course we should not get burned or look directly into the
sun; but small amounts of daily sunshine on our skin and in our eyes
is essential for good health.

Thanks Sebastian

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