Zero Grazing is wrong wrong wrong

Any idea what zero grazing is? I’ve just been enlightened. Its when the cows are kept indoors in sheds instead of being able to graze naturally outside. The fodder is brought indoors to them. It is an intensive system that produces a lot of milk from a small amount of land, at the expense of animal welfare… and its wrong.

I do tend to harp on about organic milk in my newsletter (subscribe here) but there is very good reason to. By purchasing organic milk you ensure you are supporting soil association standards which ensure a high standard of animal welfare. The dairy cows are not fed and managed in ways that attempt to push them into production levels beyond their natural capacity. Organic milk also ensures that cows are kept outdoors as much as possible and are always given comfortable bedding. The Soil Association also ensure that the calves will not have been exported to the continent as veal. Read more about that here, and buy organic milk here.

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