Fantastic Sun block to give away

Absolutely Lovely Skin care products

Where is the lowest place on the planet? Yep, it’s the Dead Sea- at 392 metres below sea level, a place where the heat and lack of humidity means that the water quickly evaporates, leaving a highly concentrated solution that provides the 21 minerals found in Dead Sea Majik skin care products.

The main minerals which are important to our skin are Potassium, which acts as a water balance regulator and for detoxification, Magnesium, which is anti allergic, Bromide, an antiseptic agent, and Sulphur, which stimulates cell regeneration.

The Dead Sea range are packed with these minerals and more. You can really feel the difference after you have used them.


I would like to pick one product out of this range to recommend to you on these sunny days. It’s the Sunsafe SPF50. It’s great for the skin , including the face; it’s anti-ageing, packed with minerals, easily absorbed, water proof, non visible and hypoallergenic – and most importantly it protects our skin effectively from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays for up to 8 hours. Remember: skin cancer is a growing concern, so take out an insurance policy for your skin with a little protection from Sunsafe SPF 50, then you can relax and enjoy it even more – knowing that you and you family are ‘covered’.

Sunsafe to give away

I have 5 tubes of Sunsafe SPF 50 to give away. e-mail putting “sunsafe” in the subject line. Tell me a sunny tale, anecdote or incident about the sunshine, summer or sunburn (or just enter) and I’ll pick 5 winners on 4th July.

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