Cider Vinegar, the cure all?

Years ago a doctor friend of mine raved on to me about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar combined with a little honey. He advocated drinking this on a daily basis, not even in a medicinal way, but as a beverage of choice! Oh la la, it is vinegar after all!

I tentatively tried a teaspoon of Cider vinegar with a teaspoon of honey in hot water. It was a taste I needed to work on acquiring, but now I love it, in fact I go for a couple of cupfuls of the cider vinegar to get a good tang. It smells a little as those around me remind me every time I drink it, but its worth it.

The reason for my doctor friends’ advice was that cider vinegar (or cyder vinegar) is a bit of a ‘cure all’, helping to ward off colds ( I hardly ever get one), helping with arthritic issues and it can help you lose weight.

There is loads of info available on the net about it so I won’t waffle on here, it’s just that this week someone asked me how you take it, or use it, so here is my advice:

As a drink as mentioned above, especially great first thing in the morning. The honey can be adjusted to taste. The great thing about this drink is that it is still drinkable when its gone cold because you have forgotten to drink it. It is also really refreshing in cold water for a summer drink, thirst quenching.

Use cider vinegar as a salad dressing, or anytime you would use malt vinegar, in fact get rid of your malt vinegar as this can increase the build up of toxins in your joints and replace with cider vinegar which doesn’t do this.

Once you have acquired the taste try it without the honey, especially refreshing as a cold drink.

There is one cider vinegar on the market which has honey already added, its called Honeygar and is worth a try.

Bottoms up!