Health Food Sales are booming

How delighted am I to hear that at last everyone is getting so tuned in to health that sales of crisps, fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate are down down down.

I, amongst others here and in our industry, have spent the best part of 20 years educating people about the dangers and pitfalls of too much sugar, fat and refined white flour, additives, and preservatives etc, so to hear that at last in ‘the Grocer’ that sales of Healthy Living items such as probiotic yogurts, hot cereals, nutritious soups, nuts and low fat, low salt snacks are on the up is sheer delight.

Healthy Eating – a basic guide

What eating healthily really means may still take a little while to get into our every day know how, but it seems that the nation is on its way there. Healthy eating UK here we come…Here is a quick basic healthy eating guide: click here for online shopping

  • low fat, (avoiding hydrogenated fats but making sure you do eat good fats, ie those from nuts and seeds and oily fish)
  • low sugar – avoid added refined sugar completely if possible
  • low salt
  • plenty of fruit and veg, seeds, nuts, pulses
  • select a wide variety of foods

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