Aluminium is best avoided

Although science has yet to prove the connection between environmental aluminium and Alzheimer’s Disease, there is plenty of independent evidence that would appear to point to a link.

In any case, aluminium, the main ingredient of most anti-perspirants, is toxic to the nervous system and naturopaths strongly advise against the use of antiperspirants containing aluminium. These work chiefly by blocking the pores, thereby physically preventing sweating. In fact, perspiration itself is not the problem; sweat is practically odourless and only begins to smell unpleasant when it reacts with bacteria breeding on the skin. Rather than artificially inhibiting the body’s natural cooling function, you can choose a natural deodorant like Tom’s of Maine that allows perspiration, whilst destroying the pong-producing bacteria.

I have just personally discovered the Pit Rok push up version of this natural mineral application which deals with the skin bacteria problem rather than inhibiting perspiration. It works for me and I feel great about using it.

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