Ever wondered what to do with Quinoa? Here is Adrian’s (one of our buyers suggestion)

Quinoa warballs!

Quinoa was so highly thought of by the ancient Incas that each year they would plant the first seeds of the season with a solid gold spade and their Priests would make offerings to Inti (the sun god) with quinoa filled solid gold vessels.

IF the kids complain about eating quinoa, tell them if its good enough for Inti its good enough for them!

The ancient Incas used quinoa when their armies went on the march to give them strength. They wrapped up quinoa grains in lumps of fat and called these tasty morsels “War Balls!” So next time you have a big meeting at work, why not fill up beforehand with these tasty easy to make lumps of energy?

Inca warrior recipe:
1 cup of quinoa
1 cup of grease taken from a newly hunted Llama
Cook the quinoa and mix with the Llama grease, cool and roll into bite size pieces, pack into your brief case and you are ready to rock.

p.s for ease of handling you may want to wrap the war balls in a large fresh leaf from the forest

Health Food Sales are booming

How delighted am I to hear that at last everyone is getting so tuned in to health that sales of crisps, fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate are down down down.

I, amongst others here and in our industry, have spent the best part of 20 years educating people about the dangers and pitfalls of too much sugar, fat and refined white flour, additives, and preservatives etc, so to hear that at last in ‘the Grocer’ that sales of Healthy Living items such as probiotic yogurts, hot cereals, nutritious soups, nuts and low fat, low salt snacks are on the up is sheer delight.

Healthy Eating – a basic guide

What eating healthily really means may still take a little while to get into our every day know how, but it seems that the nation is on its way there. Healthy eating UK here we come…Here is a quick basic healthy eating guide: click here for online shopping

  • low fat, (avoiding hydrogenated fats but making sure you do eat good fats, ie those from nuts and seeds and oily fish)
  • low sugar – avoid added refined sugar completely if possible
  • low salt
  • plenty of fruit and veg, seeds, nuts, pulses
  • select a wide variety of foods

More on Low GL

Its a new year with a whole new set of new years resolutions to break. The loose weight, eat healthily line appears most years on my list, and I struggle through the whole year wrestling with the issues and the waistbands on my skirts.

The GL Diet revolution

However the GL revolution is upon us and I’m optimistic. I also have some new friends, Diet Freedom, an organisation founded by 2 ex-serial dieters along with Nigel Denby of Channel 4’s ‘the Fit Farm’ fame. Nigel is a dietitian who works within the NHS Hospitals in addition to a private Harley Street clinic, where he uses a low glycaemic Load diet to great effect for weight loss, hormonal problem, PCOS and menopause issues.

Diet Freedom have written two books to date; ‘The GL Diet’ and the newly released ‘The 7 Day GL Diet’. Both of these are recommended reading by me.

The great thing about the Diet Freedom crew is that they are totally focused on recommending a low GL diet using health ‘natural’ foods and ingredients. You can find out more about Diet Freedom, their oline membership service and support forums from their website www.dietfreedom.co.uk

Win a One to One consultation with GL guru and Harley Street Dietitian

What’s even better is that we have teamed up with Diet Freedom to offer you a chance to win a ‘One to one’ consultation with Nigel Denby Registered Dietician BSc Hons at his Harley Street clinic. Click here to enter.

The latest scientific research from around the World shows that following a low Glycaemic Load diet can have the following benefits:

Helps you lose weight
Is more effective than a low calorie or low fat diet
Improves the body’s sensitivity to insulin
Improves diabetes control
Keeps you fuller for longer
Helps prevent heart disease and some cancers
helps prevent neural tube defects in unborn children

Click here to see a pre-selected range of low GL foods.

Aluminium is best avoided

Although science has yet to prove the connection between environmental aluminium and Alzheimer’s Disease, there is plenty of independent evidence that would appear to point to a link.

In any case, aluminium, the main ingredient of most anti-perspirants, is toxic to the nervous system and naturopaths strongly advise against the use of antiperspirants containing aluminium. These work chiefly by blocking the pores, thereby physically preventing sweating. In fact, perspiration itself is not the problem; sweat is practically odourless and only begins to smell unpleasant when it reacts with bacteria breeding on the skin. Rather than artificially inhibiting the body’s natural cooling function, you can choose a natural deodorant like Tom’s of Maine that allows perspiration, whilst destroying the pong-producing bacteria.

I have just personally discovered the Pit Rok push up version of this natural mineral application which deals with the skin bacteria problem rather than inhibiting perspiration. It works for me and I feel great about using it.