Butterbur Patasin

We have had Butterbur on our shelves for eons. While not able to say what it is recommended for directly to anyone and really being unaware myself really I once read about its effectiveness in connection with migraine and bronchial troubles.

Izzy tried it in the office with mediocre success, but she is a chronic sufferer.

Today I read that science has finally caught up with butterbur. It has been used for centuries as a traditional remedy for coughs, asthma, and skin wounds. And the new study confirms that the medicinal herb butterbur is an effective alternative to antihistamines in the treatment of hay fever.

Butterbur shown to be effective in treating seasonal allergies and migraines

In addition to treating seasonal allergies, the research has found it can help some people who suffer from migraine headaches (not Izzy though), asthma, and bronchitis.

In this recent study, 330 sufferers of hay fever were given either 8 mgs of butterbur extract three times a day, 180 mgs each morning of the prescription drug Allegra, or a placebo. At the end of the study, those receiving butterbur reported nearly the same reduction in allergy symptoms as those receiving Allegra. There was one difference: Those receiving the antihistamine Allegra complained of drowsiness. Those on butterbur? No complaints at all. The two active ingredients in butterbur are petasin, which reduces spasms in smooth muscle and vascular walls, and isopetasin, which reduces inflammation. Together, the two compounds work to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

I’m impressed!

One thought on “Butterbur Patasin

  1. make sure Izzy is taking the product used in the studies if she wants to find relief. there are a lot of label knock-offs out there that claim to have butterbur, but the contents are not what the label states. make sure the butterbur you purchased is in a gelcap form and/or has the word ‘petadolex’ on the label. then you can be assured it is the same butterbur used in the studies you’ve been reading.

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