GI and Vinegar

Most of you know I’m pro the GL regime as a sensible way to maintain and control weight, but get a load of this….

Swedish scientists have found that adding normal malt vinegar to a meal of white bread ( a high GL item) slows down the rate at which it causes blood glucose and insulin to increase.

People in the trial who ate the meal containing vinegar also said that they felt more full the more vinegar they added, so if your having a high GI meal, like chips, then slap on the vinegar!!

Exercising around a full schedule

Working full time and having a hectic out of work life means that excersise gets pushed to the back somewhere – the very back somewhere. I know the theory and sometimes feel my body crying out for a run or strenuous exercise, and reach out to click another button on my keyboard. Its not that I dont try, I do! I get out at lunch times for a walk around Daventry, there are one or two lovely places quite nearby, and that gives me 30-45 mins brisk walking but that’s about it.

Walking is a wonderful and low-impact way to jump-start our personal exercise program, as it is easy on our joints and doesn’t require much expertise. What’s more, the only equipment you really need is a good pair of shoes.
Walking can reduce our risk of:
And is also useful in treating:
High blood pressure

I was under the impression that my 5×30 mins a day was fine, I even felt quite virtuous, but a report I’ve just come across has left me informed otherwise.

USA Today 24.10.05 features two studies on walking:

Walking 270 to 300 Minutes per Week

In the first study, almost 200 overweight or obese women were placed on reduced-calorie diets and walking programs of various intensity levels that they followed for two years. Most patients chose brisk walking ranging from less than 150 minutes to more than 200 minutes each week.
Those who lost the most weight — and kept it off — exercised more than 300 minutes a week by the end of the first year, and no less than 270 minutes a week at the end of the study.

Music Helps

The second study prescribed a walking regimen for obese women that gradually increased over time by distance and speed. Half of the patients were given portable CD players so they could listen to their favorite music while they exercised. Those who listened to music as they exercised followed the prescribed exercise plan more closely and lost about twice as much weight and body fat than those who didn’t.


Avocados and Guacamole Dip

I’m hooked! Have you ever tried it? I’ve just had it for lunch and appreciated yet again this amazingly creamy vivid green avocado dip on crackers with home made tomato soup.

The stuff I’m raving about is of coarse Guacomole Dip from San Amvrosia Health Foods. Its gorgeous fresh avocados with tomatoes, fromage frais, sunflower oil onion, lemon juice, wine vinegar, coriander, garlic and a little chilli powder…mmmm. There are many recipes to make your own, and each one looks very tasty, but having it ready made for me fits in very well with my lifestyle ie. lazy!

Looking a little into the history of the avocado is quite interesting, as historically it had a well-established reputation for inducing sexual prowess, which rather than creating a queue to buy it, gave anyone purchasing it a bit of a stigma. It has taken ages for the avocado to shake this reputation. The Spanish used to call them “aguacate” which evolved into the guacamole we now call them.

Its interesting to note that Avocados should reach full maturity before they are picked but, they don’t soften on the tree, (the tree can actually be used as a storage unit by keeping the fruit on the tree for many months after maturing, isn’t that clever?

Generally avocados are shipped a little unripe, so it is best to buy them a couple of days before you need them. When ripe, you can press the skin gently and it stay dented, then they are fine to make dip from. To slow ripening down store in the fridge, to speed ripening up store somewhere warm.

Check this site for more info and recipes: