Global warming action starts at home

I’ve just read Prince Charles’ interview with the BBC on global warming and farming, so yes, I turn to blogging to register my sentiments. Entirely agreeing with the Prince in that it is a majorly serious issue, and so relieved that someone of note and profile yet again puts it into the media spot light.

My conscience is gnawing at me a little though, because we can point the finger at the US, at China and the rest, and there is massive work to be done in so many areas, but I must put my own house in order. What can I do?

  • Buy local organic produce
  • Switch all appliances off at the mains when not in use – even those with a standby button, like the office printers of which I have 3, and often forget to switch them off.
  • Walk and cycle when I can, even in the rain?

There must be loads of simple everyday things we could do, if we were aware of them making a difference, so if any of you have a list of what things we can do in our everyday lives to make a difference please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Global warming action starts at home

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