Help the aged

Was out late last night. An Indian and ice cream late and feeling like a rag blanket with a saggy face this morning coming to work. Picked up the new “Live It! Naturally” magazine and read about the new research results on anitoxidants in almond skins working synergistically with the Vitamin E content in the almonds to give a great anti-aging effect…mmmm shall I breakfast solely on almonds this morning?

Flavonoids and Almonds and the anti-aging effect

The full details of this interesting study are published in the Journal of Nutrition September or October publication. Apparently it is the skins of the almonds that house the antioxidants (flavonoids). Of coarse its not only almond skins where flavonoids are found. They are also in tea (see post about tea) fruits and veg and wine. The flavonoids can act as antioxidants in the body protecting cells from damage and can protect LDL cholesterol from being oxidised and more likely to clog arteries. ….And most importantly to me this morning, they are thought to protect the body from aging. So how many do I need to eat and how often? I’ll ask Rachel later and let you know.

Organic Carrots

Can you taste the difference between an organic carrot and a non-organic carrot? Most people who have a munch on both think they can. Apparently this is because non-organic carrots have higher water content, which means that organic carrots are more…What’s the word…condensed, denser, having more nutrients in each carrot and a stronger flavour. So that’s why most of us can taste the difference between organic and non organic carrots.

Why is there such a price difference? Well the yield of organic carrots is around 40% less than non-organic carrots, and we now know that organic carrots contain less water.

Organic Food Festival

Freshly unpacked from the Organic Food Festival in Bristol, I thought I would record here some impressions.

It was a fantastic event, and I heard various stewards chewing over attendance and the numbers went up from 80,000 – 90,000 to 100,000. Like the fish that got away? Or was this the reality. I’m not sure how you count such a lot of heads with no entrance fees etc, but I would be very interested to know the official figures. It was certainly packed where our stand was. Breathing room only!

The wonderful thing about the whole festival was that it was just that – a festival, and the festivities were all about food, organic food no less. Street drama, acrobatics, ladies with jellies on their heads, it was all there, as well as the markets, the freebies (how much chocolate did you eat?) the cookery demos, the wonderful foods from far and wide to taste and try…FANTASTIC.

And that wonderful stall of fresh organic veg which had displays of sweetcorn piled high looking more like a sculpture than a veg stall…MARVELOUS.

I loved the Yeo Valley smooth and whole milk yogurts which we don’t stock yet, the Village Bakery yeast free rye and wheat bread with caraway seeds – gorgeous and some of the marvelous organic ice creams. I mean have you had ice cream with bits of lavender in before?

All in all it was a wonderful weekend and great to meet so many of our customers, who obviously we don’t normally get to see.

So see you there next year.