Pomegranate and heart health

I feel like I’m always harping on about pomegranate Juice and how wonderful it is, but honestly its not without good cause. And just to back up my rantings I found this in the press…

Daily Mail 26.9.05: Just 1 glass a day of pomegranate juice improves blood flow to the heart by over a third, found a study led by Dr. Dean Ornish of California Uni. It’s full of vitamins A,C, E & folic acid. 1 glass contains as many antioxidants as 2 glasses of red wine.(Yet red wine receives all the publicity for being good for the heart.) Scientists examined the effect of the juice on heart disease patients in a US study. They all had reduced blood flow to the heart caused by arteries clogged with fat. They were compared with a group given a similar placebo drink. After 3 months the pomegranate drinkers had a 17% increase in heart blood flow. The placebo group worsened by 18% – meaning the pomegranate group were 35% better off according to a report in the ‘American Journal of Cardiology.’ It may also help prevent heart disease. ”

…See what I mean?

3 thoughts on “Pomegranate and heart health

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