Cranberry Juice fighting viruses

This is not the first time I have raved on about Cranberry juice. Its usually about the taste because I really love it, especially with Blueberries, but I have just come across some wonderful news – especially good news for those of us who have ever suffered from a gastrointestinal virus.

Cranberry Juice is shown to have anti-bacterial properties

Cranberry juice may offer protection against these pesky and debilitating bugs. Researchers from St. Francis College in Brooklyn found that adding cranberry juice to intestinal viruses in the laboratory seems to make them inactive. Their findings were reported at a July meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in Atlanta. The scientists became interested in cranberry juice’s antibacterial properties after noting the growing number of studies that show the drink’s power fighting urinary tract infections in women. The study tested cranberry juice’s effects in fighting two types of intestinal animal viruses and found that it prevented the viruses from attaching to red blood cells or infecting host cells. And the cultures showed no viral particles after treatment with the juice. It is thought that the juice’s tannins and flavonoids may be responsible for this benefit. How wonderful is that?

I read this info on the Nutrition and Healing newsletter. see

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