Say "No" to Pesticides

I’ve been reading two very alarming articles today. The first reporting on Monsanto and their genetically modified corn which when consumed led to ill effects in rats, . The awful thing is that the negative scientific evidence has been covered up until now! What will genetically modified food do to us in the long term? Or to our children and children’s children?

The other article was from the BBC News on pesticides and how they have been shown to harm children. Many illnesses were reported in a school in a crop spaying area, of these 406 cases were examined in detail.
They found two-thirds were associated with pesticides. A massively high proportion. The school in the study was in a rural area and had had chemicals drifting into schools from nearby farms. It is so wrong that innocent children can be passively affected by such things, and that is before they eat the crops to which the spray has been applied. What are we doing to ourselves?

I find them both very distressing. For goodness sake let us unite with one voice in this matter and say NO to GMO and to pesticides.

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