Fruit Sugar has a Glycemic Index of only 19!

I have just discovered that Fruit Sugar only has a Glycemic Index of 19 compared to the heavy GI of sugar which is in the 90’s somewhere and Glucose which of course is 100! I was taken aback when I heard as the difference is so big.

Guess Fruit Sugar is the sweetener of preference then?

Fruit Sugar is pure fructose in crystal form and looks like ordinary white sugar. It is not an artificial sweetener but is the sugar found naturally in fruits and in honey: nearly 50% of the “dry” weight of apples, pears and grapes is fruit sugar.

Oddly enough, althougfructosese is fruit sugar, the commercially available one is made in Finland from sugar beet.. it is nearly twice as sweet as ordinary sugar and you only need around 1/3 of the amount it says in recipes or you would normally use..Butut get this, gram-for-gram fruit sugar is the same calorie count as ordinary sugar, and the lowesglycemicic index of the sugars and does not cause the surges and slumps in blood sugar levels.

WOW, so there are not the usual hunger pangs you get after eating something sweet. It is growing on me although haven’t’t tried it yet and don’t know if there is an aftertaste – I hate aftertastes especially of the sugary variety!

The manufacturers of the Fruisana Fruit sugar reckon that diabetics also may use fruit sugar sparingly as an alternative to artificial sweeteners, because of its minimal effect on blood sugar levels. But be careful won’t you?

Fruit sugar browns at approx 20°C lower temperature than ordinary sugar. I’m convinced are you?

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